How to deal with a guy on a date

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How to deal with a guy on a date

The ideals of chivalry are hammered into our heads from a very young age, and we think we know how a man should treat a woman on a date. However, the actions and mannerisms of a woman in relation to her counterpart play an equally important role in the general atmosphere of a date, and possibly in future relationships.

Dating can cause doubts and insecurities. But regardless of the bad memories some people have of dating, everyone strives for a monogamous relationship. Women can guide men with certain techniques.

  1. Let him tell you more about himself. It is natural when a woman lets a man take the thread of the conversation into his own hands. However, there are no rules that a woman cannot initiate a conversation. Asking a man to talk about his interests and life can make him feel special and be more at ease on a date.
  2. Listen carefully and summarize. For example, if he told you that his dog’s name is Buster, mention that name later in the conversation to let the man know he’s being listened to. This can be tricky if the man talks about specific topics that women don’t usually understand, such as welding, construction, or sports. Remember: there is no shame in admitting that you do not understand anything about this topic, but you are interested in listening to explanations.
  3. Give him compliments. If you spent more than one hour choosing a dress for a date, chances are, he also took the time to look good. If you tell him that he really likes this suit, or that you like his perfume, he will feel more attractive and desirable.
  4. Boost his self-esteem. Men need to be reminded of their importance. Modern women are strong, self-confident individuals, so a man who goes on a date with a woman of high social status or wealth may feel inferior. Learn about his skills and achievements and inspire him.
  5. Offer to pay for yourself or contribute your share. In modern society, a man is not always obliged to take care of paying the bill. Some people follow the rule that the person who asked you out on a date pays. Just offer to split the bill, or at least tip the waiter. If the date went well, you can use this as an excuse for the next meeting and offer to pay yourself next time.

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