How to deal with your feelings

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How to deal with your feelings

Relationships don’t always go smoothly. Sometimes we ourselves cannot understand our own heart. But there is no need to despair and close. Calm down and listen: perhaps the answer is very close.
Listen to yourself: what do you feel, what do you see in these eyes opposite


Spend more time with the person. Whether it’s a walk, a conversation or watching a movie. Listen to yourself: what do you feel what you see in these eyes opposite? If the internal confusion does not go away, and, perhaps, only grows, move away from it.
Spend some time without personal or full contact with a person. A day, two, a week. As many as you need. Try to track how often you think about him, with warmth or indifference. You become interested in someone else while he is not around. Touch what connected you before: trips, common interests, stories, photos, correspondence. Do not meticulously look for something «catchy». If it is, you won’t miss it. You can also try to make lists FOR and AGAINST. As a rule, very few people go for it. But this method cannot be immediately written off.
Finally, after being apart for a while, meet the person. What emotions did you experience when you saw him? Calmness or desire to hug, get closer and never let go. If you didn’t feel any obvious signs of a desire to be with him, apparently, the feeling has passed. Just let go and remember with a smile. If, on the contrary, just by seeing him, you wanted to throw yourself into his arms, even if you didn’t, then you were affirmed in the strength and importance of your feelings. Live, love and be loved. But perhaps nothing has changed and the confusion has not gone away. In this case, if a person makes contact and also wants to help you, just try to talk, or give him the opportunity to help find such an illusory answer for you.


Learn to listen to yourself. Not every distinct word of the inner voice, but at least the general background: craving or indifference, awe or denial. And if there is still something that makes you think about him and wish — not all is lost. Everyone has tough times.

Useful advice

Start a conversation about problems in your feelings only when you see the inner consent of the person. Otherwise, you can push him away.

You don’t have to go completely into yourself. Let everything go its own way. Perhaps this will be the way out for you.

And do not allow strong involvement of third parties in these issues. They may just confuse you even more.

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