How to divorce a girlfriend

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How to divorce a girlfriend

It is not in vain that they say that the darlings scold — they only amuse themselves. Relations between lovers, which from the outside seem dysfunctional, may well suit each of them. Some like to warm up the intensity of feelings with violent quarrels, passionate reconciliations. However, there are situations in which friends and relatives are simply obliged to intervene in the life of a couple. These are situations of any assault and other types of domestic violence by a man.
The tyrant is not suitable for the role of husband


Determine the degree of danger of the situation for the life and health of a friend. If you find out that her husband is beating her, you definitely need to help her. Moreover, in some situations, psychologists recommend acting aggressively, not heeding the attempts of the victim to justify the villain. Domestic violence situations are extremely rare. If a man is at all capable of hitting a woman, as a rule, he will not be limited to one episode. And the longer a woman stays with such a man, the more difficult it is for her to leave him. The more serious may be the physical injuries and psychological trauma that her husband inflicts on her.
Look for specialists who will tell you how to properly breed a girlfriend in this situation. It can be doctors, psychologists, lawyers. The fact is that in many cases of domestic violence, the “executioner” husband does not want to let go of the “victim” wife. He understands how difficult it is to find a woman who is able to forgive beatings, so he will hold on to her to the last. He can intimidate her, persuade her, overwhelm her with gifts, blackmail. Changing anger to mercy and vice versa, he completely disorientates a woman in life, and sometimes only specialists can help her in this situation.
Look together for options to arrange the life of a friend after a divorce. In most cases, male tyrants leave their wife without a livelihood. Moreover, they even tend to take away her personal savings and the money she earns on her own. This is also a way to keep the victim close: she often has nowhere to go. Recently, charitable organizations have begun to appear in Russia that allow a woman with children to wait in a shelter for the moment of divorce from a rapist husband. If relatives and friends do not have the opportunity to help a woman financially, such help centers can become a temporary shelter for her.


Keep in mind that by getting involved in this situation, you risk incurring the wrath of the victim’s spouse and yourself. Prepare rear and support in the form of strong men who can protect you from the arbitrariness of a psychopath.

Useful advice

Remember that nothing can justify the assault on the part of a man. And if your friend is trying to make excuses for him, blaming herself for everything, do not fall for it. This problem requires a quick and tough decision: you need to get away from the tyrant. The earlier the better!

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