How to drive him crazy in bed

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How to drive him crazy in bed

Relationships, especially intimate ones, are not easy. And if the female consciousness in this regard is a completely impenetrable jungle, everything is also not easy with men. However, sex for the strong half of humanity means a lot in relationships, so women should pay special attention to it.
How to drive him crazy in bed


It is worth noting that men like it if a woman shows how good she is, how much she likes exactly what her partner does in bed. So more sounds: whisper, scream, moan and don’t be shy. But do not limit yourself to this, look at your man with a languid and passionate look, so that he feels like the best and most loved.
Pay special attention to intimate hygiene, in particular, intimate haircuts, so that you are ready for contact at any time. In addition, knowing that everything is in order with you will give you self-confidence (and this is very important).
And something without which it is definitely impossible to drive a man crazy is compliments, because even the most beautiful and courageous men need praise and encouragement. Make sure your partner feels valued, supported, and approved (especially during sex). Gently whisper in his ear that you have never had such amazing sex. Then, without any doubt, you will win his heart and drive him crazy.
Enough has already been said about theory, but what about practice? Where to begin? It is best to start your caresses with a light relaxing erotic massage that will help you tune in to the desired mood. Kiss every part of his body, do not ignore oral touches. No need to be squeezed! After all, you are an adult girl and you must understand that bed is not the place where there are any restrictions and taboos. There should be no fears or prejudices in love.

Sometimes it is fashionable to allow yourself a little abstinence from intimacy. Make no mistake, waiting only fuels the desire. However, keep in mind that you don’t need to delay this either, feel a certain edge.

Another important point that may well arise in sexual life is anal sex. What man does not dream of having this type of sex, because, firstly, it is forbidden, respectively, exciting, and secondly, men experience more vivid emotions during anal sex. And with the right preparation and the use of additional lubricants, this type of sex can be enjoyable not only for a man, but also for his partner.
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