How to drive you crazy

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How to drive you crazy

Everyone has long known that a man in a woman wants to see the mistress of the house, the queen among all the guests and the passionate lover in the bedroom. And all women know about it, but it is not always true that everyone uses it.
How to drive you crazy
You will need
  • What you need to do to drive your man crazy — it only depends on female cunning, quick wit and some technique that can be easily learned if you try and really want to.
  • There are several ways to a man’s heart, and one of them is, of course, the stomach. If a man is hungry, the man is angry.


Let it be said with humor, but there is still some truth. After all, male potency also depends on a skillfully prepared dish, so it is already in your hands. So what do men love? Well, meat of course! It also affects the synthesis of sex hormones in men. And yet, feed your loved one with what he loves so much. Culinary experiments are good, but don’t get too carried away with them.

It’s kind of misleading when everyone around you says that a man only wants sex. Just be a woman!

And this means that you must have such qualities as true femininity, sexuality, tenderness, naturalness. Do not try to arouse the wild desire of other men for yourself, because your charm should be in moderation. Your man should be proud of the fact that everyone around you admires, but you belong only to him. Enough of your courtesy with his friends, but especially be friendly with his mother.
And so, we got to the bedroom. Who does he want to see you here? It is not necessary to go through the entire Kama Sutra in order to drive him crazy. Leave your confidence that you are an ace in sex. The technique of sex, for a man, is not the most important thing. Men love liberated women in bed, but not vulgar ones. Whatever the body of a woman, it is important for him that you are not shy. Men like naturalness, but this does not mean that you should neglect the accuracy in the intimate area.


Love your man — this is the main guarantee that your man is already crazy about you.

Useful advice

And most importantly — men want to be loved, the only ones. And therefore, no matter what mistress, queen or mistress you are, if a man does not feel his importance, then your talents will not help here. Unless, of course, the man is stupid.

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