How to end a relationship

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How to end a relationship

You were together. You were fine. But the moment came when everything cooled down, passed. Or met another person who firmly settled in the heart and claims to be there for life …
What to do with those relationships that are no longer needed, but not yet completed? How to proceed? After all, the other side still has feelings, is still attached to you. How to break this connection?
How to end a relationship


No matter how sorry the person is, the relationship cannot be continued. Anyway, sooner or later it will lead to a break, but even more painful.

It is imperative to talk personally with the person (SMS and email are not an option). It is important to start a conversation with the good that was between you, with what this relationship gave you.

The next step is the most bitter and difficult. Think it through carefully. As a rule, the following words are best perceived: “I feel that our relationship has exhausted itself, feelings have cooled down, and each of us needs to look for our happiness in a different direction. Yes, at first we will be bored, but this is a habit, and it will soon pass. I know you well, you know me well, and I would be pleased to see you as a good friend. I think we could be friends, right?».
Of course, these words will not bring joy to a person, but they will help alleviate his pain from breaking up a relationship. He may react differently, but everything possible is done of you to sweeten the pill.

There is always a great temptation to simply say: “I love another, you are not needed,” but this can cause trauma to a person for life. Therefore, think about the feelings of your partner, even the former, and spare them.

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