How to end a relationship

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How to end a relationship

There are different situations in the relationship of two lovers. Romance and passion can smoothly flow into habit and everyday life. Perhaps, after meeting each other for a while, you realized that the wrong person was next to you. Gradually, the thought comes that it’s time to leave. Breakups are often difficult. How do you tell an ex-lover that it’s over between you? Follow our instructions.
How to end a relationship


Do not delay this unpleasant moment, talk to your ex-lover. After all, such a relationship will only bring suffering. Often this way of breaking off relations, when one is satisfied with everything, and the other constantly delays the moment of parting, is called «long-playing». As a rule, it does not lead to anything good.
Tell about the breakup as soon as you feel that something does not suit you. But know that it will be hard for your partner from this method of parting, because he thought that everything was fine with you and made plans for the future.
Disappear for a while if you don’t know how to tell your ex that you’re breaking up. Think carefully about your decision in private, and then muster up the courage to voice it. But do not flirt and do not disappear forever without any explanation. This way is not respectful. After all, a person will wait for at least some action on your part: a letter, a phone call, an SMS. Those who use this method sometimes go too far, they change phone numbers, do not answer letters, some even move to another area, if not to another city. And the abandoned person will never know the reason why this happened.
Try breaking up electronically if you don’t have the courage to call or meet and talk about the breakup in person. Send a message to ICQ, e-mail, write an SMS with the words: «Let’s remain friends», «Sorry, we need to leave.»
Leave a message for an ex-lover on the answering machine. This method is probably even worse than the electronic one. This method will not give the abandoned person the opportunity to ask the only question of interest to him: “Why?”.
Ask your friend or girlfriend to talk to your lover and explain to him that everything is over between you. But first, consider whether it is worth interfering with friends in your personal relationships.
There are a lot of ways to break up, when choosing the best one, think about whether you are ready to break off absolutely all relationships, or whether you still want to remain at least friends. Pay tribute to the past, you are unlikely to want to see a newly acquired enemy in the face of your former lover.

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