How to enroll in kindergarten

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How to enroll in kindergarten

Kindergarten is a real lifesaver for parents. It not only allows them to free up time for going to work, but also helps kids in socialization. There is an opinion that in order to enroll a child in kindergarten, you need to go through all the circles of hell and collect an incredible amount of certificates. We offer a more detailed analysis of the procedure for obtaining a place in kindergarten.
How to enroll in kindergarten
First, immediately after the birth of the baby, it is worth finding out all the necessary information about the situation with kindergartens in your area. In some cities there is a long queue, so you should apply as early as possible. There are places in other settlements, so you should not worry in advance. In addition, choose several kindergartens that suit you completely. Pay attention to the presence of swimming pools, sports sections, classes for creativity and language learning in institutions.
The next step is to submit an application to a special commission for the acquisition of educational institutions that implements the main educational program of preschool education. The address where the commission is located can be found in the local RONO. It is worth remembering that in most cases the commission works according to a certain schedule. Therefore, in order not to waste time in vain, it is better to immediately find out the opening hours of specialists.
In order to enroll in a kindergarten, the commission will need your child’s birth certificate and your passport, as well as a certificate confirming the benefits. If the child requires special conditions for health reasons, then a medical card in the form F26 should be provided. In addition, you will need to write an application. In it, you must indicate the addresses of kindergartens to which you would like to send your baby. It is better to write several addresses, otherwise it may turn out that there are no places in the desired institution. In this case, you may be offered another, completely inappropriate option.

After filling out the application, you will either receive a referral to a kindergarten (in the event that the child is already ready to go to it), or a notification confirming that the child is registered in the register of future pupils and is in line for a place.


If one of your children is already attending a kindergarten, then the authorities are obliged to provide a place in the same institution for his younger brother or sister.

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Enrolling in a kindergarten is a matter of a single day. This is usually a long process, so if you can leave your baby at home, it is better to use it.

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