How to explain to a guy that I don’t need him

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How to explain to a guy that I don’t need him

It seems that your relationship has come to a standstill. You have ceased to admire the exploits of the chosen one. And even the things that used to attract you the most in him now annoy you very much. His gifts and compliments seem stupid and ridiculous. Such relationships cannot be called inspiring and desirable. So it’s time to break up with the guy. But how to explain to him that your relationship has come to an end?
How to explain to a guy that I don't need him


Set yourself up for the fact that the decision to break up is irrevocable and final.
call guy and tell him you need to talk to him. But in no case do not talk about your intention to leave by phone or via SMS, as you will cause him severe mental pain. In addition, he will still want to explain himself, will pursue you, which will cause irritation. In this case, the likelihood that the case will end in a scandal is very high.
When you meet a guy, talk to him frankly. In a calm tone and in a respectful manner, explain to the young man that you have noticed that the “light of love” in his heart has not been burning for a long time. Tell him that you think breaking up is the best way out of this situation.
Of course, the young man will ask questions, in particular about the reason, in addition to the fading of feelings. Be prepared for this, because depending on the nature of your boyfriend, he can provoke frank answers and even a quarrel. Since it is better to disperse peacefully, remain calm.
Get out of your boyfriend’s life abruptly! Temporarily change your lifestyle: change your phone number, do not go to nightclubs where you used to spend time together. In a word, temporarily change the style of life. This will allow you to forget as quickly as possible and guywith whom you broke up, and to you personally.
In no case do not list the shortcomings of your boyfriend. So you let him know that he is guilty of your breakup. As a rule, in such situations, the conversation develops into a skirmish, and then everyone finally wants to say everything that has boiled over. The result of such a conversation will be a strong quarrel, mutual insults and a sediment on the soul. In addition, never say that you fell in love with another — this can cause an even louder scandal that will come to your new chosen one.
Useful advice
In a conversation with a guy, mention that you were really happy with him and that you will always remember all the good things that you experienced together. This will lighten things up a bit.

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