How to fall in love with someone you like

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How to fall in love with someone you like

You are a free girl in search of personal happiness. And then one day you meet him, the guy of your dreams. He is handsome, smart, cheerful and, most importantly, free. We must act quickly. Such men «do not lie down.» You need to try to make a guy fall in love with you, until another seeker of personal happiness has entangled him with her networks.
You will need
  • All your imagination, courage and endurance and a little acting talent.


Try to catch his eye as often as possible. Be where he is. Your «casual encounters» should look natural. Let him firmly believe that this is pure chance or fate.
.Find out.
Find out his preferences and become the ideal that he is looking for.
It should seem to him that you have many common interests. Always support his opinion, his ideas. Let him see you as a true ally.
Common interests.
Show off your talents. You have a good voice — sing karaoke, you have a culinary gift — bring your signature pie or salad to the party. Play the piano or do an acrobatic exercise. In general, hit him.
Sing his praises. Men are susceptible to flattery. Inspire him with the idea that he is an ideal man, a hero, hope and support. This is what you were looking for. If he penetrates, he will move mountains for you.
The strength of a woman is in her weakness. Don’t forget about it. Give a man the opportunity to show his masculine qualities.
But don’t be pushy and clingy. You must have an independent species and your own life, your own interests that you do not sacrifice for his sake. Be elusive. A man must be sure that it is he who conquers you, and not you him.
  Don't be intrusive
Try to be a popular girl so that your chosen one sees interest in you and other men.


Do not burden your chosen one too often with your problems. He probably has enough of his own.

Useful advice

Men love with their eyes, so looking great is always your number one task. Without this, none of the tricks will work.

Attention, only TODAY!

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