How to fall in love with your husband

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How to fall in love with your husband

First dates, the beginning of a relationship, getting to know a partner have always been and will remain the happiest moments in a family life together. Euphoria and stormy love often accompany the first years of marriage. Over time, routine can absorb the former ardor of feelings. What to do if the wife gradually realizes that her attitude towards her husband can no longer be called love? How to fall in love again husband?
How to fall in love with your husband
Scientists explain the cooling of feelings from a biochemical point of view. At the beginning of a relationship, the body releases the hormone dopamine. The one that causes euphoria and insomnia. Phenylethylamine also has a stimulating effect on the brain. It speeds up metabolic processes in the body and deprives a person of appetite. The period of love lasts no more than four years.
Gradually, to replace dopamine and phenylethylamine, the brain begins to produce endorphins. This group of chemicals has a calming effect on a person, helps to find comfort and stability of emotions. Oxytocin is also produced, which contributes to the transition of relationships to a calm channel.
It is during this period that a crisis of relations can occur. Feelings are boring, it begins to seem to the spouses that love has irrevocably passed. Without even thinking about the role of hormones in our lives, we feel that love is being replaced by habit.
In order to retain and to some extent revive the former feeling, it is necessary to adequately assess the relationship that has developed by this moment. Over the years, lived together, not only you have changed, but also your spouse. Does your partner accept you the way you are now? Try to highlight the positive qualities in it first of all. Often, when a woman thinks about the fading of feelings, she only remembers the negative aspects of her partner. But you can focus on the good. For example, the husband categorically does not agree to take out the trash. But he always helps to carry heavy packages from the store and did not forget to wish his mother-in-law a happy birthday. And it doesn’t matter that for two weeks on the eve of your birthday you were reminded of it every day!

Try to remember not only the advantages you already know husband, but also to discover those that he acquired over the years of your life together. If something is still very annoying in the character husbandtalk to him about it. But the conversation should be soft, do not forget to compliment your spouse, pointing out his strong qualities that impress you.

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Diversify your life together, even for the holidays. A joint romantic journey, full of new experiences and emotions, will also stir up your personal relationships.
Come up with a common goal or passion. For example, try skiing together. Trips to ski resorts will bring fresh air to your family life and help revive exciting emotions. Remember — having a common goal always brings people together. The spouses again become one team, and passionate feelings are replaced by confidence in relationships and pride in their partner.
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Tip 2: How to fall in love with your own husband

For a married couple, and especially for a woman, from time to time a new surge of emotions, new feelings are required. And what to do when the same person has been next to you for many years? And at one fine moment, the woman realizes that she does not love him. What to do?
How to fall in love with your own husband


Husband. You have been living with this person for what seems like an eternity. You are well aware of all its advantages and disadvantages. And one fine morning, a woman realizes that there are no longer those ardent feelings, that passion and emotions that a spouse generates. Is there no more love? What’s next? Divorce? It is still possible to correct and return the time when two people held each other’s hand so reverently and tenderly and dreamed of eternal love.
Fall in love with your own husband — this is the first step towards the resumption of family life. In the psychology of family life, there are several ways to do this: 1. Review the virtues that a husband has. What is he? Economical, clean and attentive? Do you ever have a leaky faucet in the bathroom and always screw in all the light bulbs? Wonderful! Protective and cheerful. He easily gets along with people. You will never get bored with him. He will never put you in a difficult situation. You can always find a lot of positive qualities in a person.
2. Remember why you fell in love with him before? Maybe he courted you beautifully or could play the guitar in such a way that it took your breath away? Ask husband how to spend time with you in the old days. Plunge into the atmosphere of youth and ease.
3. Take a closer look at your husband. Over time, the appearance of a person changes, and an already mature man sometimes becomes more attractive than he was in his youth. What traits seem more attractive to you in your husband: his strong-willed chin or beautiful pumped up shoulders?
4. Dream up: imagine how you and your husband spend holidays or travel together. Imagine every moment you spend together. Such fantasies will help you inspire and discover husband in a new way. And of course, it is best to dream together.
5. Tell yourself or your girlfriends what a wonderful husband you have. And let everyone envy. After a while, you will realize that you are jealous of yourself. After all, next to you is such a beautiful and worthy man.


The brain concentrates on the object of desire and is not ready to perceive any other options at all. Falling in love is, roughly speaking, concentration. The same processes occur in people with gambling disease. When a person is in love, his brain focuses on solving only one task: to find a way to be close to his beloved. Until you stop loving, you will not be able to fall in love with another, whatever he may be.

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