How to find and keep love

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How to find and keep love

To find love, it is not necessary to go to distant lands to find a hare in which there is a chest, in a chest there is a drake, but then you yourself know. It is not necessary to go through all the options that come to hand. Love is within us, you just need to learn to listen to yourself.

Every person on this planet has a soul mate. She may already be somewhere near you (just take a closer look!) Or live in a completely different city, even on another continent. But don’t be discouraged. If you are destined to meet, it will happen. There are no accidents in the world. The main thing is that you are ready for love. Open yourself to this feeling, and then it will surely overtake you.

This openness also implies the destruction of all the masks you have previously created. Show yourself to be who you really are, otherwise love will pass by without recognizing your soul mate in you.

To know exactly when you will meet your love, you need to train one small but very important muscle. This heart, however, is not in the physical, but in the metaphysical sense. Learn to listen to it and it won’t let you down. And when your love passes by, your heart will tell you exactly how to proceed. Heart training is also important because a person can only be given a chance to love once in a lifetime. And wouldn’t it be a shame to miss it?

In any case, love is not always fairy tales that Charles Perot wrote. The same Cinderella had to suffer enough before achieving her love. Even when you do meet your soul mate, don’t expect your relationship to be perfect. We are not gods, but people. Idealism in feelings is the most destructive thing you can think of. Just rejoice, no matter what, because you have found your love. Not everyone can be so lucky.

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