How to find out if a person is married or not

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How to find out if a person is married or not

Many women would never date a married man. For them, such relationships, which, as a rule, are not harmonious, are under the strictest ban. However, it is not always possible to immediately recognize a married man: sometimes they carefully hide their marital status.
How to find out if a person is married or not


A married man can be recognized by his behavior, appearance, and so on.
If he’s not wearing a wedding ring, that doesn’t mean anything. Fans of going to the side, of course, will remove it at the right time. But you can’t hide a trace from him on your finger. Pay attention to his hands.
A married man, as a rule, meets with you on certain days of the week. For example, on Tuesdays and Fridays. He can tell his wife that it is on these days that he has an evening planning meeting or reporting.
He meets with you in the evenings or during the daytime, but does not stay at night. He also spends holidays with his family. You can also tell about an urgent business trip.
If, nevertheless, he stays for the night, then the phone will definitely turn off and set a password. Night calls of the wife will immediately bring him to clean water.
In the case of a call from his wife, he either does not answer, or does not talk on the phone with you, but steps aside. His answers to the call are usually unambiguous and short. He can quickly answer that he will call back and turn off the phone.
If possible, look at how you are recorded on his phone. A married man will most likely encrypt your number in some way, or it will be a neutral, meaningless record.
A married man will not invite you to his home to meet his mother. You will not be introduced to his friends, especially married couples.
Your meetings will most often take place either at your home or at night in some institution where he will definitely not meet a single acquaintance. It is unlikely that he will go with you to the celebration of the City Day, no matter how you persuade him.
Give him sexy lingerie and see if he wears it. Any wife will be interested in where he got this thing, because it is unlikely that he bought it himself. Therefore, a man will get rid of underwear or leave it with you.
If you don’t want to be the third in a relationship, be vigilant and don’t be fooled.

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