How to find the man of your dreams

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How to find the man of your dreams

Not every woman manages to find a man who would fit into her ideal life partner. It also happens that here he is, the ideal, goes hand in hand with you, and then it turns out that he is not ideal at all or is already giving a hand to another.
How to find the man of your dreams


Oddly enough, in order to find the man of your dreams, you first need to sort out your dreams. Analyze your dream. Set aside time for this, prepare a cup of coffee or tea, take a piece of paper and a pen, let nothing interfere with you. Listen to yourself and write on paper everything that you would like to see in your spouse, from appearance and character to the brand of his car. Anything you please. Further, with numbers 1, 2, 3, evaluate the importance of each sign of “your man”, and also distribute the entire set of qualities into groups, for example, appearance, character, financial situation, interests, etc. Count the number of ones in each group: where there are more of them, you should pay attention to when choosing a potential spouse.
After that, start searching. Be more active, look for your future husband where people like him live. And what it is, we have already found out. If your husband is going to be an athlete, run to the gym. And if you choose him according to his interests, feel free to go to the dog breeders club, if you think that he should love dogs, sign up for dance lessons if you think that he should move well. By the way, in no other place is there such a variety of men as on the Internet.
And so it happened that you found it. He was not so handsome, but it was interesting to spend time with him. Or vice versa, he is just an ideal of beauty, but communicating with him is simply unrealistic. Listen to yourself and to him: is he really the one you dreamed of.
Pay attention to his behavior, thinking. Find out what he wants from life, whether your points of view on this matter intersect. Pay attention to how he behaves — is he not too aggressive, or maybe too soft. Think about whether he has any habits that contradict your life principles.
And finally, don’t forget about yourself. Remember that if you have an ideal man, then he can dream of an ideal woman. If you want to be with him, you will have to try. Pay attention to your hairstyle, makeup, style, do not forget about spiritual and intellectual development. Become an ideal, and you will find a man to match.

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