How to find time for rest?

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Modern people are constantly in a hurry somewhere, trying to do everything, often look tired and preoccupied. But how could it be otherwise: a lot of problems and unfinished business do not allow you to relax and look around. Earning money and taking care of your family takes so much time and effort that you can only dream of your favorite activities and hobbies. But all people just need to be alone at least occasionally, think about life and relationships with others, read an interesting book, play with children, spend an evening with loved ones or devote a few hours to their hobby.

Why are such important and significant matters most often left without our attention? How to make time for them?

Define your hobbies and desires

Define your hobbies and desires

First of all, you need to decide exactly what you need time for. Set specific goals: it is the awareness of your desires that helps to achieve results. When a goal is known, thoughts about how to achieve it are constantly spinning in my head. Do you dream of wrapping yourself in a warm blanket and reading at least a few pages of an interesting book? To begin with, determine which particular work will definitely not leave you indifferent. Plan the details, think through everything to the smallest detail.

Dreaming of a romantic evening? Take care of the candles, pleasant music, make a menu. Haven’t spent time on your favorite hobby for a long time? Try to keep everything you need for work at hand and constantly in sight. Only in this way will you be able to change the schedule and adjust it to your desires and deeds.

Once you have decided on your preferences, it’s time to think about how to carve out an hour or two to implement them. And for this you just need to take a different look at your duties and try to change your attitude to some things.

Listen to your body and determine what time of day you feel most active and cheerful. These hours are the most productive, and if you plan important things for them, you can do it very quickly. Remember that the state of fatigue and periods of decline in activity will not only increase the time to complete the planned tasks, but can also discourage any desire to do them. Such is human psychology.

Human psychology: allocating time and responsibilities

Learn to multitask at the same time. No one encourages you to fall down from fatigue, trying to do everything. It’s about combination. For example, you can clean the apartment with a nourishing mask on your face. Thus, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone: clean up and take care of beauty.

If you get to work by public transport, then the time spent on the road can be spent reading an interesting book, or listening to an audio lesson of a foreign language. While watching a TV show, perform a set of simple exercises. Such a combination will make it possible to maintain oneself in excellent physical shape, especially without spending a lot of time on exercises.

If possible, get modern «smart» technology. How many precious hours can a dishwasher and washing machine save! And what is the multicooker worth: you do not have to constantly stand at the stove, making sure that nothing burns out and does not “run away”.

Do not take on all the housework yourself, even if you are sure that no one can do it better than you. Distribute affairs competently: you don’t need to immediately transfer everything onto the shoulders of others, otherwise relationships with loved ones may deteriorate. Practice mutual help, tell your husband and children how hard it is for you to manage household chores and how you need their support. Maybe you are so good at everything that they don’t even notice your depression.

Often women go to bed long after midnight, finishing what they could not do during the day. And this is wrong. Firstly, in the evening you feel very tired, which means you cannot work productively. Secondly, the night is the time when the human body must rest. Better get up early than go to bed late. Even the fairy tale says: «The morning is wiser than the evening.»

Changing attitude to life

Changing attitude to life

Psychologists often advise people to simplify their lives. It would seem that the task is easy, but not everyone can cope with it, and some people do not understand at all what is required of them. This is especially true of maximalists: their psychology does not accept simplicity.

But in life there are basic components of success and joy: always stay in the present and look at the world with a positive. The feeling of today and the present moment helps to concentrate on the most important things and problems. You stop wasting your energy on what is left in the past and it can no longer be changed. An excellent mood makes it possible to work as productively as possible.

Highlight the most important things, often there are not very many of them. These include what deserves your attention in the first place. It is on these tasks that you concentrate all your strength and make sure that they are always in order. You can make a to-do list for the day, week, month.

Analyze what stresses and discourages you the most. Thinking about hateful duties, you waste your energy. If possible, refuse to perform such tasks altogether or shift them onto the shoulders of the household, taking on their responsibilities.

Order and beauty in everything that surrounds you

Order and beauty in everything that surrounds you

Take care of the cleanliness of your home and workplace. At first glance, it might seem that clutter has nothing to do with lack of time. In fact, you spend a lot of effort and hours on restoring order, which you can simply maintain. First you need to get rid of unnecessary things, what you do not use. The less things you have left, the less time you will need to clean up.

Probably, all of us had to deal with a situation when a pile of unwashed dishes, scattered papers on the table and dust on the furniture made it impossible to focus our attention on something else. Thoughts are constantly spinning in my head that it is you who will have to disassemble all this. Such is human psychology. So we can conclude: cleanliness helps to concentrate on the important!

No need to rush yourself: just try to complete the task efficiently. It doesn’t matter what you do: your favorite hobby or an important financial report.

Learn to say no. You will not be able to help everyone, fulfill absolutely all the instructions of the boss, do the work for others … And be sure to break off relations with people whose communication brings a feeling of fatigue and depression.


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