How to forget a loved one: advice from a psychologist will help you enjoy life

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Life after a breakup can be a serious test if you still have feelings for a former lover. The pain of a breakup can lead to depression if you let it completely consume you. But life goes on after a breakup! How to forget a loved one: advice from a psychologist will help heal emotional wounds and enjoy life.

Add something new to your life

One of the most effective ways to distract yourself from thoughts about your loved one is to get carried away with something. It is desirable that this is a new business for you, in which you want to plunge headlong. When there is a hobby, it is easier to distract from sad thoughts and memories. You need to occupy yourself so much that it seems that the day flies by with lightning speed and 24 hours is not enough to implement all the plans. What you do is not so important. It could be a new project at work, a hobby, a sport or a training course. The important thing is that you really enjoy it.

Remove all communication methods

If you are no longer connected with your ex, remove all ways of contacting him. Then there will be no temptation to write a message or call. After a breakup, there may be moments of weakness, and it is not worth supporting those conditions that can push you into temptation. Break friendships on social networks or temporarily add to the block — then you will not be able to watch the life of the former and suffer that you are no longer together.

Try to sincerely forgive

Try to sincerely forgive

Regardless of what happened between you, try to forgive your ex. Of course, sometimes it is very difficult to do this if the gap was painful. However, this is important to do, because resentment destroys you from the inside. You have the right to experience any emotions, but the former partner may have his own point of view. He did as he saw fit. Forgive him to save yourself from a constant surge of negative emotions. Thank life for this experience, even if it brought you a lot of bitterness, and try to let go.

Have an affair

Forgetting an old love will help a new romantic hobby. Let yourself get carried away. Meet, chat, flirt — bright positive emotions will help you get distracted. You do not need to see a soul mate in every person that meets on your path. Just enjoy communication and energy exchange. Perhaps you yourself will not notice how you forget the former and understand that the very person you need is next to you. New love often comes when you least expect it.

Set aside a day to suffer

Be sure to throw out all the emotions that overwhelm you. Set aside a couple of days to mourn and suffer, to let your feelings out. Live all your emotions, cry out all your tears. But only on days strictly set for suffering. Don’t get too caught up in negative emotions — this can lead to a nervous breakdown and depression.

Put all the focus on yourself

The post-breakup period is a great time to reflect on yourself. There is an opportunity to understand exactly what you need. What are you dreaming about? What inspires you? What do you really want from life? It is important to realize that the most important person in your life is you. Only you yourself can make yourself truly happy, and a loved one will only increase emotions. After a breakup, you need to find inner harmony in order to build a healthy happy relationship in the future.

Do not try to run away from yourself, even if it is very hard for you. Otherwise, hidden emotions will sooner or later find a way out in the form of a nervous breakdown.


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