How to forgive a cheating husband

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How to forgive a cheating husband

The husband has changed. This is always a huge shock (even if you suspected it could happen), and many marriages fall apart after that. Not even because the unfaithful spouse preferred a rival, but simply because the shaky relationship in the couple could not be restored. But if you decide to forgive your husband’s betrayal and save your family, then the decision must be followed. How to do this, if inside everything is seething with resentment?
How to forgive a cheating husband
The first step is to deal with your emotions. If you constantly pour out anger and resentment at your husband, remember his adventures — this in itself can poison family life. But keeping negative emotions in yourself is also not an option. So write a letter to your husband. Take a sheet of paper and describe in detail how you feel, how offended you are, how much pain he has caused you. And don’t be shy about expressing yourself. When finished, tear it up and throw it away. Or burn it. This will allow you to vent and release destructive emotions.

Think about how much you have in common. Home, children, the usual Sunday family breakfasts … A lot of important things and a million little things — how difficult it would be for you without each other! Think of all the good things you’ve had. Flip through the family photo album — and, looking at the couple in love that you once were, remember that this is not «an irrevocably gone past.» This is your present — after all, this person is next to you, you had so many wonderful minutes — and how many more there will be!
Try to seriously (but at the same time calmly) talk with your husband about his betrayal — as a thing that «was and passed.» Do not focus on the opponent and their relationship, but try to find out the reasons for what happened — and maybe change your behavior in some way.
Arrange a little “romantic trip” for you and your husband — it doesn’t have to be a vacation trip, you can go on a one-day excursion, go to the cinema or theater together, have dinner at a restaurant “for no reason”, skiing … The main thing is to be together in a pleasant and atypical situation for both of you. This will help you look at each other in a new way and refresh the usual feelings that you have for each other. Love needs fresh sensations — and it is better to look for them with each other, and not on the side.

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