How to forgive parents

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How to forgive parents

The confrontation between the younger and older generations can be observed not only in the novels of famous writers, in the paintings of favorite artists, but also in our modern life. Sometimes in families it happens that the closest and dearest people stop communicating with each other, are separated for a long time. Change the situation and forgive parents difficult, but essential. Restoring relationships is not a quick process.
How to forgive parents


Remember the brightest moments associated with your parents, with your childhood. Say goodbye to anger, disappointment. Turn on the gas, look around, and you will see how many children and parents are walking in the park, doing their shopping. Everyone has quarrels, but there are ways to resolve the conflict. As difficult as it may be, you will have to build relationships with your parents in a new way.
Understand yourself. Never make excuses for your actions. Find the courage to admit your mistakes. Pretending that nothing happened is not an option. It is much easier to ask for forgiveness from those to whom you are really guilty than to sit and sulk.
Try to understand the underlying cause of resentment towards parents. Stock up on patience and tact, take the first step and talk face to face. If trust is broken in your family, then efforts from both sides are needed to restore it. Start the conversation with self-criticism, and then ask about their grievances. To make your explanations heard, convey the essence of the problem in understandable language. Admit to your parents that you behaved incorrectly, perhaps unfairly, that you did not appreciate their participation in your life. Do not forget about your own wishes for them. Maintain self-respect, but not pride — this is the key to an optimal peaceful way out of a conflict situation. Do not show your independence. Ask your parents to be honest with you and not hide anything.
If you cannot overcome your pride on your own, but really want to, contact a family psychologist. A conversation with a professional will help you take the initiative into your own hands, teach you to know yourself and lower you from heaven to earth. You will understand that life is meaningless without parents, without communicating with them. With it, you will listen to the call of the heart and follow it.

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