How to formulate a desire

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How to formulate a desire

«Be careful in your desires, for they are beginning to be fulfilled for you.»
The author’s technology «Dream come true» is based on three postulates:

1) know the dream-
2) visualize the dream-
3) follow your dream.

How to formulate a desire
You will need
  • — peace of mind
  • — imagination
  • — Believe in yourself
  • — pencil
  • — paper


«Anything is possible, you just have to want it.» In order for wishes to come true, you should know the technology «Dream Come True». When used correctly, it always works. The first step is to determine: «what do I want?». If not, then it is better to write it down on paper. Remember, as Randy Gage said: «The word written on paper has more power than the spoken …». At the same time, the wording should accurately reflect what is desired, try to maximize specificity. Since the one who does not know what he wants, gets «something wrong.» Several nuances should be foreseen when writing a desire: never use the particle «not». It is not perceived by the subconscious, and you can get quite the opposite, something that you did not want at all.
How to formulate a desire
Decided on the desire, recorded in detail. Read what you have written again. Now lean back in a chair or armchair. Take a comfortable position, do not be distracted by extraneous noise. It is good if the room is quiet and secluded. Turn on your imagination. It is very important to imagine that the desire has already been fulfilled. You begin to see yourself the moment you achieve what you want. The image should be bright and detailed. The emotional component is of great importance when visualizing desire. Because emotions are energy. That is, that part of the energy that will be responsible for the fulfillment of desire. The stronger the energy upsurge you experience, the more likely it is that in the near future everything will come true.
How to formulate a desire
Next, you should return from heaven to earth. Drop the idealistic component that we talked about during the visualization. Within the framework of realism, we begin to think about what we will do, in what time frame, in order to make our desire come true. Every day, every second, we think that we are getting closer to our goal. Just so «manna from heaven» will not fall on us. We try, work and most importantly — we believe in the fulfillment of desire. We follow the dream every day, and then all the forces of the universe will help in fulfilling the desire.
How to formulate a desire


You always take risks using this or that technology, but who does not take risks does not dance.

Useful advice

The «Dream Come True» technology has been tested by epochs, but, unfortunately, it works only in its field of application. This means that no one can get what was not yet available to anyone in this world.

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