How to gain credibility

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How to gain credibility

Authority in any team is very important, regardless of whether it is a worker or a friend. But to conquer it is not so easy, for this you need to take into account several important points and not forget about them for a second.
How to gain credibility


Remember that first you work for authority, and then authority works for you. So tune in and be prepared to work hard for a while. Even if it seems to you that a good position in the team does not shine for you, do not try to give up — at any moment everything can change.
Work on your authority from the first second of getting into the team. The first impression rule has not yet been canceled. When meeting, be welcoming, friendly, legibly state your name and find out the names of the people around you. Try to remember them by repeating each person’s name out loud after they introduce themselves.
Do not be silent. Of course, you can show yourself in all its glory both at the second meeting and at the third, but it would be more expedient to immediately declare yourself with a few weighty and interesting phrases.
To make it easier to get along with people, throwing away embarrassment, arrange an informal meeting. If you’re at work, offer to stay after work for tea. If this is a new group of friends, invite them to visit you, offer to have a picnic in the country or go to a new exhibition. Do not be afraid to meet the team first, they will appreciate it.
Treat all company members with respect. If you don’t like someone, it’s better to keep quiet, of course, if the person does not go beyond the moral standards of behavior. In this case, by trying to return it to its place, you can also add points to your authority. The main thing is that any actions should be delicate and balanced.
While you are not yet your own in the company, they will look at you and, on occasion, test you “for strength”. Be prepared for this, don’t get angry and don’t judge. Accept any manifestation with humor, even if it is a fun act of dedication.
Always be responsible for your words, if you promise, keep it. Don’t lie, this is only for children. Having undermined trust once, in an adult team it will not be easy for you to return it to its previous position. Think over your every action and be honest both with yourself and with those around you. If you can’t do it, then don’t jump over your head.
The presence of intelligence and a developed sense of humor in any team is valued and encouraged, so do not forget to train both of these qualities on an equal footing. The ability to be serious and to joke well, including on oneself — is this not an ideal combination in character. You will be perceived as a whole person, and not as a strict pedant or an eternal merry fellow.
Be natural. This is perhaps the most important thing. Unless you’re great at acting, it’s best not to try to act like someone you’re not. Authority is always built on the true character of its owner. Therefore, if you do not quite correspond to the position that you can take in the team, first work on yourself, and then the gained authority will become your reflection.

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