How to gently hint to guests that it’s time to leave

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How to gently hint to guests that it’s time to leave

If your temperament is similar to the temperament of the Rabbit from the cartoon about Winnie the Pooh (that is, your upbringing does not allow you to even hint to the overstayed guests that it’s time for you, dear ones, to go home), then there are several ways to do this without injuring your modesty.
How to gently hint to guests that it's time to leave

First, learn how to control the amount of alcohol in your home. If you plan to leave the guests in about an hour, then the alcohol should be enough for exactly this time. And make sure that some especially frisky guest does not run away for an additional portion of alcohol.

An almost empty table acts in much the same way as gradually dwindling stocks of alcohol. As soon as something is finished, remove the plate from the table and do not bring additional. In addition, an empty table is also a hint of approaching tea, after which it is customary to leave.

If this does not work, you will have to resort to words. In addition to such magical phrases as “well, thanks for stopping by”, “had a good time, huh?”, There is another magic word “round off”. Its main advantage is that it does not look tactless. With him, everything becomes clear immediately, without offense. Use these tricky tricks, and then your guests will not get stuck in doorways because they «sat a little more.»

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