How to get a family certificate

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How to get a family certificate

Currently, when obtaining a residence permit (extract) from the place of registration, when applying for benefits, they ask for a certificate of family composition, but not everyone knows where and how to get it. What documents need to be collected can be clarified at the housing office or the passport office, but in order not to go several times for lack of the necessary paper, read the instructions. And you, having collected a package of documents, will immediately receive a certificate of family composition.
A married couple is studying sample applications at the housing office stand

You will need

  • application form of the established form, copies of identity documents, social employment contract, warrant, technical passport, ballpoint pen


Come to the housing office or the passport office at the place of residence (registration).
Fill out an application of the established form, where you need to enter from whom this application is from (last name, first name, patronymic), indicate the applicant’s passport data (series, number, by whom and when issued), registration address, phone number where you can contact the applicant. In the application, write “Please …” and indicate what you need, for example, “Please register my daughter ….”, “Please provide an extract from the apartment card … for the purpose of …”, “Please register my wife …”, etc. . Indicate the address of registration (extract), put the date, signature. If you need to register a person in an apartment where several residents are registered, you must receive applications from each registered.
Provide copies of identity documents of residents registered at this address (passport, birth certificate)
Provide a contract or technical passport with registration of ownership.
It is also necessary to provide a document for a dwelling (a warrant, if the apartment or house is privatized, a social tenancy agreement, if the dwelling is not privatized).
Provide identification documents for all homeowners.
Provide a certificate of state registration of ownership.
Provide documents confirming the authority of the representative of an individual to act on behalf of third parties (a power of attorney drawn up in the prescribed manner and an identity document).
Keep in mind that it will be necessary to provide copies of utility bills if there is a debt.
Get a certificate of family composition within five to seven days.
Submit a certificate of family composition at the place of requirement within ten days. If you have not provided this document within the expiration date, you will have to repeat everything again.
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