How to get a guy’s attention

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How to get a guy’s attention

You are old enough to date someone. There was a concern that the young guys did not show any interest in you. And you, on the contrary, more often began to notice that you are surrounded by only couples in love.

You would like to attract the attention of a guy, but the recent failures you have experienced are stopping you. Thoughts about their own unattractiveness appear. Can this be fixed? How to attract the attention of a pleasant young man and at the same time not to drop your dignity?

Did he walk by again without noticing?
You will need
  • — communication skills


Understand yourself. Tell yourself honestly what you want. I must admit that some girls just want male attention. And the more guys interested in them, the better. Other girls have made their choice and are waiting for attention from a certain prince. Well, if you are attracted by a serious long-term relationship with a guy, this is a completely different matter, and to a greater extent will help achieve your goal.
Be observant. If you are serious, take the time to look at the guy from the side. If he likes simple people who have not yet formed a character, and you are not one of those, then you will not be able to keep his attention on you. Leave it and forget it. A worthy young man will pay attention to your spiritual qualities. Use this as your trump card.
Take care of yourself with modesty in mind. Grotesque style can also attract attention. A girl who is dressed tastefully and modestly looks much more attractive. Let your clothes whisper about your dreams, and not scream about a desperate thirst for attention. Excess and carelessness are more likely to repel a serious guy than to attract his attention.
Modesty and cheerfulness attract men
Improve your ability to communicate. A shrewd guy notices everything. Attract him with your softness in your voice and laconicism. Keep a respectful style. It will be reflected in the ability to listen without interrupting. Share your opinion, but without being categorical. By dominating the conversation and insisting on your own, you will discourage the guy from listening to you. In a conversation, hint that you know what you want from life. But don’t brag about your accomplishments. If you notice a mistake in the words of the interlocutor, refrain from correcting.
Watch your mood. Instead of whims, express contentment. In a conversation with a guy, you should not criticize relatives, especially “ancestors”. Cheerfulness will attract attention faster and retain it for a long time than vulnerability and resentment.


Don’t play. Female charm is a powerful force that is dangerous to abuse. If a strong man lifts any heavy object just because he can lift it, he will not get far. If you try your feminine charms on every young man, then you will not advance towards your goal. But you will create a negative reputation for yourself.

Useful advice

Maintain your own dignity. You must understand that it is impossible to be attractive to all guys. And this has its advantages. If a guy (watching you «from afar») notices that you are ready for anything, just to win the favor of men, his attention to you will disappear. Take care of your outer and inner beauty. Only in this case, worthy young people will pay attention to you.

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