How to get cashback when buying goods on the Internet?

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How to get cashback when buying goods on the Internet?

Of course, at every step we hear about cashbacks, discounts, promotions and other lawlessness. And of course, in most cases we skip information by without thinking.
But the world is changing: it is no longer possible without advertising. Therefore, you should not run away from advertising and its screaming «slogans», but learn to catch important information from the stream, which at the right time can be used for profit.
They say: do not carry knowledge behind your shoulders. Therefore, do not be too lazy to finish reading our short informative note on how to make money by spending money.

Most likely, you do not like annoying advertising, but the owners of advertised stores do not really like to spend money on it. So we came up with a compromise solution. Marketplaces are like a department store storefront, only online. These are intermediaries that connect many different sellers with a wide audience of buyers. With sufficient resources, knowledge, and a team of specialists, such sites are able to attract more customers to sellers, for which the latter are ready to pay a certain share of sales or rent (as agreed in the contracts).
Some marketplaces go further: offer cashback — refund of part of the money to the buyer for the purchase made. Why should they be so generous? Is it real money? Where is the catch?
We understand.


  • Universal cashback scheme:
  • Where does the money come from for a refund?
    • Everyone wins:
  • Important!
  • Let’s repeat the short action plan:

Universal cashback scheme:

  1. Make a payment for a product or service from a supplier that promises a cashback (under the conditions specified by him);
  2. The amount upon receipt to the account is fixed, the fulfillment of the required conditions is checked;
  3. You are credited with the promised cashback in the promised volume and format.

That is, e-commerce makes it possible to give a deferred discount after making a purchase and after the period allotted for the exchange or return of goods has passed.
Services that offer a refund have long been familiar to many countries of the world, and in the CIS countries, the majority are still skeptical about such services. But we advise you to understand and connect.
Let’s take a closer look at the LetyShops cashback service as an example.
This platform is constantly growing, and at the beginning of 2021 more than 3,500 stores are connected to it. Both the largest and the smallest.

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Where does the money come from for a refund?

The marketplace leads you — the buyer — to the goal — to the product from the online seller. The seller for the target visitor charges a percentage of the trading platform. The platform credits the amount of cashback to the balance of your account in LetyShops, which is a share of the previously received interest.

Everyone wins:

  1. The seller did not spend money on advertising, but got a buyer;
  2. LetyShops share with you the bonus received from the seller, thereby encouraging you to search and buy goods more often using its resources;
  3. You received a product that you already planned to buy on the Internet, but additionally received a bonus — that after a short necessary period you can transfer it into real money to a card or electronic wallet.


Before making a purchase, be sure to log in to your LetyShops account by entering your login and password.
After that, go to the page of the desired online store using the link from the service (on all pages with stores on LetyShops, you will immediately see a large “Go to the store” button) and make a purchase (all according to the usual rules of the selected online store).
If you have fulfilled these simple conditions, after the purchase you will automatically receive cashback to your personal account.

Let’s repeat the short action plan:

  1. We go to LetyShops and log in
  2. Follow the link from this resource to the store that you like
  3. We buy everything you need
  4. Checking the personal account of LetyShops: we see the accrued cashback
  5. We withdraw the accumulated amount to a bank card, mobile account or electronic wallet

In order for the withdrawal to become available, you must accumulate the specified minimum amount. There will also be a deadline for when the amount can already be withdrawn.
We are making more and more purchases online. And what about your favorite online stores connected to LetyShops? We recommend checking.
Finding a seller through this service is no more difficult than just finding one online. And why refuse an additional bonus?
Think of a list of the next necessary purchases and try to find it all through LetyShops.
Calculate how much you can save at a time.
You will see, you will get used to cashback quickly, like everything good.


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