How to get rid of shyness: tips

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In life, we all had or have to regularly communicate with shy people. They often look confused and indecisive, it seems that a person is constantly afraid of something and embarrassed by others. Awkwardness, stiffness and low self-esteem are the main features of a shy person. As a rule, it is very difficult for him to establish relations, and new acquaintances for such people seem to be a real test.

Psychology of behavior of shy people

Psychology of behavior of shy people

Such behavior is caused by self-doubt, low self-esteem. Also, often the cause of shyness and shyness is the complete lack of communication skills.

According to the explanatory dictionary, a shy person is a shy person who always tries to stay in the background and is afraid of being noticed. He does not like being looked at, and being the center of attention for timid people is a real torture. That is their psychology.

Sometimes shyness is perceived by others with approval. People positively evaluate this trait, characterizing it as restraint, prudence, delicacy, modesty. Some people even enjoy being around shy people. They cannot become competitors, they are afraid to say something against and do not even try to take the first roles.

Shyness: the opinion of psychologists

Many psychologists believe that the cause of shyness is the lack of certain social skills that are necessary for successful communication with other people. The opinion of other experts is unambiguous: the physical and mental components are inherited. That’s what shyness is about.

You can also hear doctors say that the psychology of a person suffering from shyness is different from the psychology of other people’s behavior. To be more precise, in their subconscious there is a constant struggle of contradictions of a psychological nature.

Although the opinions of experts are divided, they all agree that shyness makes it difficult to build relationships and fully communicate. And if you can’t overcome it on your own, then you should definitely contact a psychologist. The doctor will help overcome the problem: self-esteem will increase, confidence in one’s own significance will increase, a person will begin to notice the beauty of life and see everything in bright colors.

How the Internet is changing human psychology

How the Internet is changing human psychology

Today, most people cannot imagine their life without the Internet. This has caused concern to many professionals. They are sounding the alarm, because they are sure that the rapid spread of new technologies, which has covered all countries of the world, has a negative impact on the psyche. People are replacing full-fledged live communication with virtual ones, they meet each other less and less: sending SMS is much easier and faster.

Modern technology has made it possible to avoid the discomfort that often accompanies interpersonal communication. People refuse personal meetings and are glad that they can share any information via the Internet.

It is much easier to get acquainted in social networks than to approach a stranger on the street and say the words of greeting, looking into his eyes.

We are increasingly detached from reality, and, according to scientists, this fact contributes to an increase in the number of shy people.

Attitude towards oneself: changing the psychology of behavior

If you are used to paying attention to the opinions of others, then deciding to cope with shyness, first of all, get rid of this bad habit. Ask yourself the question: why is the point of view of others so exciting? What difference does it make what other people think of you? Everyone has their own life, which we build on our own. First of all, you need to understand that it is unrealistic to please absolutely everyone. No matter how you behave, there are people in whose eyes judgment flashes. It is impossible to please everyone, and is it really necessary to strive for this?

Different views, tastes, preferences help us to be individual. We all have the right to our own opinion. Such is human psychology.

Accept and love yourself, and you will see how your life and the psychology of your behavior will immediately change. Remember: praise can work wonders, and if you make it a habit to constantly praise yourself, and in no case condemn yourself, you will soon notice that others will also begin to treat you differently.

The main thing is to stop reacting too emotionally to comments and criticism. Any negative emotions negatively affect the state of health.

Analyze your relationships with people. Maybe communication with one of them causes negativity and always leaves a bitter aftertaste on the heart. Minimize contact with this person as much as possible. Don’t expect it to be easy. Firstly, you are already accustomed to such an attitude, and consider it quite acceptable. Secondly, this person may turn out to be intrusive and, despite your coldness, will continue to communicate and teach you about life.

In no case do not give up on your dreams: only stubborn people achieve their goals! Try to start by establishing a distance with people you don’t like. And then mark personal boundaries, and, as you know, no one has the right to violate them.

The beauty and joy of live communication

The beauty and joy of live communication

Shy people need to get over themselves and start communicating with others as much as possible. Building relationships is not easy, but you still need to try. Contact people, find topics for conversation, ask questions of interest, analyze the answers. It is also worth paying attention to how you formulate your thoughts and, if necessary, learn this.

You can strike up a conversation with a stranger on any topic and for any reason: ask a passerby for time or ask the seller for advice on a particular product. And do not forget that you should always have a friendly smile on your face, which works wonders, opening any doors and even hearts. It’s all about human psychology: we are drawn to cheerful and joyful people!


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