How to get your ex girlfriend back?

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How to get your ex girlfriend back?

People break up quite often. Sometimes parting happens calmly and at the initiative of both parties. And it happens that you broke up somehow badly, wrongly. Perhaps the girl herself left you. Or you her. But in any case, you want to return it and don’t know where to start. In this case, follow the instructions below.
How to get your ex girlfriend back?


First, let all your emotions out. Surely if you want to return girlshe means a lot to you. Perhaps you even love her, love her very much, which means you are in a lot of pain. Well, let all your pain come out. Don’t be afraid to cry if you feel like crying, don’t be afraid to scream if you feel like screaming. Perhaps you want to smoke or get drunk? Do it.
If you need to speak out, then call your best friend, and if you do not want to share your pain with anyone, then just speak out into the void. Write your story on paper and burn it. The main thing — do not keep anything in yourself.
Spend a couple of days on this release, and then do some hard physical work. Make repairs if you want, or go to the gym. The main thing is that you get tired to the limit and, going to bed, immediately fall asleep and do not think about anything. In this mode, it is worth spending a couple of weeks.
Now that you’ve calmed down a bit, just sit down and think it over. Remember your relationship and evaluate them sensibly, without emotions. Remember everything — not only good, but also bad.
Try to understand yourself and understand why it turned out that you broke up. Perhaps you are just tired of each other, but now, having understood how much you need each other, you have already rested and you can try to start all over again.
Never tell a girl that you want her back. Do not complain to her and do not humiliate yourself in front of her. Do not lose your dignity, because the girl will definitely not want to return to the rag. After some time, begin to communicate with her, establish friendly contact, but do not say frankly that you would not mind starting all over again.
To get started, just give her a date and a meeting place to talk to. Not about relationships, but on some completely abstract topics. Let the girl start trusting you again. If your relationship was serious and long-lasting, then feelings will not be erased from the heart so easily.
At the right moment, hint to the girl that you don’t mind starting over. Perhaps it should be said that you were looking for someone else who would be better, but did not find. Tell her that all these others are nothing compared to her. Tell her how much you love her. Most likely, she will want to return to you. Good luck to you and love! Don’t lose loved ones.

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