How to give a gift to a loved one

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How to give a gift to a loved one

If you bought gift loved one, giving him a sign of attention, or your gift on some special occasion, then, of course, you expect him to like it very much. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to make the process of presenting a gift unusual. Connect your imagination or use the following method, which is ideal for gifts that are small in size.
How to give a gift to a loved one


Find a box, chest or beautiful box suitable for a surprise and carefully place it there. gift.
Choose the most suitable and picturesque place close to your home, such as a park, to bury your gift.
Add a beautifully designed love note to the gift, which will be an equally pleasant addition to your surprise. Tell in it about your feelings for your lover, about their sincerity, about how you cherish and appreciate him.
Analyze well the area in which you plan to bury gift, so that you can depict it as accurately as possible on the map. Pay attention also to the presence of distinctive structures that will be encountered on the way to the location of the treasure. These can be historical monuments, cafes and restaurants, cinemas and other «special signs» that also need to be depicted on the map.
When drawing up a route, twist it in such a way that the search for the treasure takes no more than 10 minutes. This time will be quite enough to make your loved one excited and desire to receive the long-awaited gift.
Having compiled a map that is also your work of art, mark on it with a red cross, as was done many hundreds of years ago, the place where the treasure is hidden. This is the final stage regarding the image of the terrain plan.
Force your lover to redeem this card from you with your kisses and hugs, do not give it away right away.
Having gone together in search of the treasured treasure, give your young man hints if he becomes confused.
Take your camera with you to shoot a commemorative report called «In Search of Treasure» — this will be another gift beloved, from which he will be delighted.

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