How to hint a guy for a gift

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How to hint a guy for a gift

Every woman likes when her beloved gives gift. With or without reason, it doesn’t matter. Which gift it doesn’t matter either: flowers, a box of chocolates or something else. You simply do not pay attention to this, because the dearest and closest person gives. Time passes. Maybe you have already linked fate with your young man, or maybe not, but you just want to give what you want. And how to say it directly, so as not to offend him. This is where the question arises.
How to hint a guy for a gift


You walk around the city, sometimes stopping at objects of interest to you. Of course, by that time you should have already decided which gift wish to receive. Gradually approach the shop window where the item you want is located. And as if by chance, sighing heavily, say that you really like the chosen thing, and you want to have it with you. If you manage to get it into the store, that’s generally fine.
Stock up on a catalog of products. Choose what you like. Circle this thing with a red felt-tip pen, and inadvertently leave the catalog open on the page that you need in the most visible place. A loving person will always understand a hint.
You can simply tell your loved one that your thing is already old, completely worn out, and in time you will need to purchase a new one. Men also sometimes fall for such tricks, especially if they don’t know what to give you.
To be frank, every woman must find the way that suits only her man, because you know your loved ones best of all. You know what and how he reacts, how he relates to gifts in general. You and only you will find the way to it. The main thing — remember, women, that men, no matter how hard they try to look, love affection and a good attitude.
Useful advice
But not every man can guess what a woman wants from him. Not always a strong half of humanity understands hints. Find a moment when your loved one is in a good mood. Approach him, caress him and quietly start talking about the gift. Affectionately, mysteriously, periodically kissing him, tell him about your dream. Maybe he is waiting for this for the simple reason that he does not know what kind of gift you will like.

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