How to hint a guy for a meeting

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How to hint a guy for a meeting

Sometimes gentlemen come across very indecisive. What if the guy likes, but he does not offer to meet? You can wait a long time for the moment when a young man gains confidence, or you can make it clear that you really want to see him. How to hint guy on the meeting?
How to hint a guy for a meeting


Virtual communication is sometimes so addictive that people can correspond for years via the Internet. If you feel that the guy from the social network may be the right guy, but is procrastinating with the meeting, resort to tricks. Start telling him something very interesting, even spicy, and then stop. If it was exciting, then the young man will be interested in the ending of the story. But you will be inexorable: only in person. You have already told a lot, you need to see his facial expression and look into his eyes before continuing the story. If everything is still the same, let them know that you bought a new dress and got a super haircut. It is important to say flirtatiously that now all the guys are looking at you and flirting. Let’s hurry up. When a young person still writes to you regularly via the Internet, but is dragging out with a meeting, say directly that you would like to see him. He probably doesn’t take hints at all. There is nothing reprehensible if a woman is the first to tell a man that she is interested in him, and she wants to chat with him on a walk. If there are still difficulties after this, let him know that he is the most unbearable and slow man you have ever met. Most likely, he will be indignant, and this will spur him on. But here it is important not to go too far and not offend a person.
The first date is over, and it feels like you like each other. But the trouble is, the young man is slow to invite him to the next meeting. Act according to your intuition. Find out during a date what interests him. If these are exhibitions, let us know that there will be a rare exhibition just next weekend. Tell a movie fan that an interesting film is being shown. You can come up with an occasion for a meeting that both of you like. Ask a guy to keep you company, because it will definitely be interesting! If a young man is not interested in anything special, offer him something that you like. Tell him that you know a very curious place that he should definitely visit. Tell guy about how great it would be to walk in the park in good weather, go boating, ride a carousel. If you see a sparkle in his eyes, just ask, «When are we going?»
If a guy is captured by harsh everyday life, and he disappears at work around the clock, praise him for such stamina. In primitive times, there would have been no price for it, and the whole cave would have been full of delicious preparations. If you have never seen each other, tell him that, in addition to work, you also need to be able to properly relax. And here the weather is just right for going on a picnic. If you’ve already met, and he behaves like this, perhaps this is not your boyfriend. However, try your luck again. Go to a beauty salon, buy new clothes and hint at meeting. If it doesn’t work out, don’t be upset, mentally release this gentleman and wait for a meeting with a new man.
No matter how you hint, no matter how you do it, the guy may simply not understand your hint, or not believe in it. Therefore, it is better — if you try not to hint, but how to let the guy know that you like him. For example, let the guy know or tell him that you are unusually interested in him, and that you would like to communicate with him as often as possible.
Useful advice
To a simple question, how to hint to a guy that you like him, there is an equally simple answer: if you like a guy, then you need to tell him about it. • Write a nice note saying «I like you» and put it in his bag. • Write a note saying «I like you», add who it’s for, ie name, but don’t sign it. Ask one of your friends to pretend that they found this note by accident and decided to give it to him.

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