How to host a party at home: different ideas

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A house party is a great opportunity to meet up with friends, but also a great way to make new acquaintances. Of course, in order for the holiday to succeed, the event must be carefully planned. How to hold a party at home so that everyone has fun?

Party Theme

Party Theme

First you need to decide on the theme of the party. Of course, you can do without it. However, it will be much more interesting if you come up with a theme.

Here are a few themes: disco style, costume ball, culinary evening, the gods of Olympus; in the style of a certain country (choose one to your taste), cowboy party, marine, spy, mystical, coffee, detective, book or film.

You can tell guests which costumes are suitable. Or even help build a costume, if some guest doubts that he will cope with this task.

To create the necessary atmosphere, you should choose scenery, entertainment, music, food. As for the decorations, you can use improvised materials, or you can purchase something that will match the spirit of the party. For example, for a Japanese party, you can use red paper lanterns, scented candles, and decorate the walls with images of dragons. If the party is in a red and black style, then you can drape the walls in black, put red flowers in vases, use red tablecloths or napkins.

The playlist must also be compiled in advance so that there are no awkward pauses. And there should be a lot of compositions. After all, the party is unlikely to end in an hour.

Party Menu

At parties, buffet and banquet menus are appropriate. Banquet is suitable for those who plan to mostly be at the table. And the buffet menu is suitable for outdoor activities.

What is the best way to cook? Win-win options:

  • buns;
  • sandwiches;
  • desserts and snacks on skewers;
  • cookies and cakes;
  • chocolate;
  • baked bird;
  • closed pies.

Of course, the menu should match the theme of the party. If it’s Halloween, then pumpkin pie, ghost cakes, and spider cookies will do. If you are planning an Italian-style party, you should cook different types of pasta, cheese slices, lasagna. Sea party? Prepare seafood salads, fish sandwiches, rum and juices.


The more entertainment the better. And it’s great if they are diverse, not similar to each other.

Of course, entertainment also needs to be selected, focusing on the style of the party. For example, for a disco-style party, the entertainment might be: karaoke, dance competition, Guess the Melody game. Mystery party? You can tell fortunes on coffee, on cards, tell scary stories.

The following games are suitable for any party:

  • «Crocodile» — it is necessary to show the hidden word with actions, without using words.
  • “I never…” — you need to choose something that the host did not do, but others did. The one who did such an action receives a penalty point.
  • «Truth or dare» — you must either honestly answer questions, or fulfill a funny wish.

Organizing an event is a serious undertaking, so you need to prepare in advance, you can enlist a couple of friends to help. And during the party, make sure that everyone has fun, including the organizer.


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