How to impress a popular guy

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How to impress a popular guy

Popular ones are usually cute and like all the girls in the school. If you are in love with one of these guys from your school, you can use some tricks to get him to pay attention to you. Treat this task as a competition. Cheer up if the competition from other girls is too much. Let this be your motivation to make friends with this guy and let him know how great you really are.
How to impress a popular guy

  1. Let me know. To please a popular guy, you need to let him know about your existence. If he’s in the same class as you, move closer to him. Try to include him on the team for group assignments or ask him to help you with your homework.
  2. Pay attention to his interests. If he’s on the high school basketball team, watch one of the games, then go up to him and congratulate him on a great game. If he’s wearing a band or sports team T-shirt, start a conversation with him about that band or team. People like it when they feel that the other person wants to learn more about something from them. So come up with and ask a few questions about what he is interested in.

  3. Watch your appearance. Popular guys are in demand among many girls, so you need to look your best when you see him. If you know he’s in the next class, or if you always see him at lunchtime, look in the mirror beforehand to check if your hair or makeup needs to be touched up.
  4. Be yourself. A popular guy immediately recognizes when a girl is acting unnatural, only to impress him, and he does not like it. Guys are attracted to girls who are true to themselves and their principles.

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