How to inform your husband about pregnancy

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How to inform your husband about pregnancy

Men usually admit that a woman’s pregnancy, even if it is not planned, is still something unexpected and impressive. Moreover, men often show their emotions in a very unpredictable way. All this causes fear in a woman before telling him this good news.
How to inform your husband about pregnancy


The easiest way is to simply declare that you are pregnant. But you still need to do it delicately.
There is also a very ironic way to tell everyone about your pregnancy. For example, you gather all close relatives, including the husband. It can be just a dinner for the whole family, or some kind of holiday. And decide to take a picture of the whole family for memory. So, everyone is ready to click the shutter, you are with a camera, and instead of the word «smile!» you say «I’m pregnant!», take a control picture. In the end, you will tell everyone that you are pregnant. But besides this, you will also be able to capture all the relatives, and you will see in the photo who and how rejoiced for you, or maybe surprised.
Another original method is to give your man a gift. You give him a gift in a large package, and there will be a smaller package in it. In a smaller package there will be an even smaller gift. In the end, in a small package, when opening a gift, the husband will see a booty, and in it is your pregnancy test result. The gift will look very extraordinary, and the amount of gift wrapping will be able to intrigue your beloved man.
Announce your pregnancy with small postcards. It can also be another family gathering, or you can just come with your husband to your parents. The bottom line is that after a meal, you come up to the table and say something like: “We ate delicious, drank hearty, and now keep sweets for dessert” — and hand them small postcards in which you can write your appeal to a particular person or the whole family, with a message about your pregnancy. Most likely, there will be only a smile and tenderness on the faces of your soul mates.

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