How to introduce people

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How to introduce people

If a person is sociable and open, he does not need help in getting to know others. He is always surrounded by a huge number of friends and acquaintances. If a person is quiet, modest, shy by nature, then it is very difficult for him to gain courage and talk to a stranger. Such people may need the help of a loved one to get to know others.
How to introduce people


If you want to introduce of people for business communication, you can arrange a meeting in the office. Before that, tell your colleague what this company does, what kind of cooperation you are interested in. Give names and positions of peoplewho will attend the meeting.
Before starting negotiations, introduce the interlocutors to each other, indicating the last name, first name and position. If the negotiations were successful, and you want to transfer communication into a friendly channel, you can continue the meeting in a cafe or restaurant. This encourages a more open, informal conversation.
If you are thinking of introducing of people for romantic purposes, to play the role of a matchmaker, you need to act more subtly. Make sure that both candidates for the role of the bride and groom are in the same company. It is better if all other people are in pairs. Then they will have no choice but to communicate with each other.
Your task is to introduce the man to the woman and strike up a conversation. And then, if your friends find common topics, your participation is not required.
If the interlocutors are modest, stay with them for a while. The presence of a familiar person betrays self-confidence, allows you to appeal to him, seek support. If the role of the matchmaker succeeds, your work will be rewarded with a happy marriage of those who like each other. of people.
When meeting, remember that the younger person is introduced to the elder, the subordinate to the boss, the man to the woman. Stretching a woman’s hand when meeting is not worth it. If she sees fit, she will do it herself.
A friendly acquaintance implies the voicing of the name, for older of people — name and patronymic. When making business acquaintances, be sure to indicate the position, last name and first name of the person. Also, it will not be superfluous to outline the scope of his duties.

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