How to invite a guy to a meeting

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How to invite a guy to a meeting

Even in recent times, it was considered inappropriate and even shameful for a girl to take the initiative when communicating with the opposite sex. Times have changed, and so have manners. Is it worth it to wait until the guy you like invites you to meeting? Or maybe it’s better to cast aside doubts and complexes and call him somewhere yourself. Of course, any girl can be rejected, but it can also happen that a guy will gladly agree to meet.
Modern girls do not hesitate to be the first to invite a guy to a meeting


Be prepared to be rejected.
If a girl watches the object of her sympathy for a very long time and harbors hopes and dreams inside herself, it will be very difficult for her to come to terms with the refusal of her beloved. She may become sad and depressed. The best way out of the situation is to perceive everything as a kind of game. For example, you can imagine that you are doing a challenge task, so it’s easier to relax and be natural. Rejection should not be taken as a personal tragedy. Everyone has different tastes, so the refusal of a person is not a humiliation for you, but just a sign that he has different tastes and interests. It will be very ugly if, after the guy has refused you, you will mock him or humiliate him. You must be able to endure defeat with dignity.
invite to meeting only themselves.
Do not ask your girlfriend to call on your behalf guywho you care about, on a date. It looks childish and does not decorate you in the eyes of your chosen one. This situation can initially provoke a rejection, even if the young man likes you. You have to muster up the courage and approach the guy on your own.
Seize the moment.

invite to meeting better one on one. You should not approach the guy if he is surrounded by friends. His reaction to the invitation may be feigned, for example, he may be embarrassed or want to refuse to show off his «popularity» to his friends. It is better to offer to meet face to face, then no one will stop you from talking frankly.

Don’t make plans.
Do not torture yourself with unnecessary excitement and do not build a conversation plan. You will see that your plan is still not being implemented, since the intended words will surely fly out of your head. Just outline for yourself the main idea that you want to convey to the chosen one.
Be natural.
inviting guy on the meeting, do not behave in a way that is unusual for you. Naturalness is a great quality in a person that always attracts people. A sincere smile during a conversation can charm guyeven if he saw you for the first time. Remember that you are an attractive girl and be confident in yourself and in your attractiveness. When a person loves himself, he subconsciously makes others treat him positively.

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