How to keep a married man

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How to keep a married man

So you fell in love with a married man. It is not the romance itself with this married man that plays a role here, but your behavior. What is important is the right tactics in your relationship, how you will behave.
How to keep a married man
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  • To begin with, decide for yourself what you expect in the future from this relationship, what you want to receive. We are all different, and the category of married men is a special category. There is even a certain classification — several types of married men.


The first is the one who lives in the family solely because of the children. Such a man, as a rule, is in search of a «soul mate», all in dreams of a happy union, full of mutual understanding. Likes to complain, complain about the unfortunate fate.
The second — he always has a benevolent attitude, easily goes to rapprochement. And often he is married more than once. He likes to play, making himself such a macho. This type of man loves the audience around him.
The third is considered a dangerous type, as it is the most difficult to recognize. But he becomes a «drug» for you, only he is sociable with you and attentive. Do not rush to immediately open up to him. The longer you are a secret to him, the longer your relationship.
The fourth is simply someone else’s property. Although he likes to take a walk, he always runs to his wife and gets out as best he can, and makes excuses to her, but alas, not in front of you. In company with you, he tries not to be seen by neighbors or acquaintances. Always cautious.


Give up the illusions of your victory, because there is much more to lose in such a confrontation than to gain. Learn to live and enjoy the present.

Useful advice

Relations with married people should never be built on the principle of family. Leave hope to keep it by «through the stomach.» Just be easy in your relationship, carefree. And in general, increase your self-esteem and stop living with expectations. Just let yourself enjoy what you both have now. It’s easy with you, and your married lover will see it. Always be irresistible and flawless in your appearance.
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