How to keep love at a distance

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How to keep love at a distance

AT love on the distance few believe. This skepticism is fueled by personal experience, observing the relationships of acquaintances, and other examples. However, life practice speaks of something else: there are couples who saved love during the period of separation, despite the distance of thousands of kilometers. What is their secret?
How to keep love at a distance


Due to certain life circumstances (army, study, work, business trip, etc.), one has to part with loved ones for some time. If the course of events cannot be changed, you should simply accept the situation and see the positive aspects in it.
It may sound trite, but without true love and sincere feelings, it will not be possible to cope with separation. If the relationship is not mutually reinforced by loyalty, respect and responsibility, temptations will easily break the temple you have built.
Communicate. Fortunately, we do not live in the Middle Ages, we have mobile phones, the Internet (social networks, Skype, ICQ, etc.) at our disposal. Share with your loved one the main events of each day. Don’t forget to wish good night and good morning.
Be positive, do not let jealousy take over your thoughts, do not try to control your loved one (or beloved), but participate in his (or her) life.
Surround yourself with things (photos, souvenirs, CDs with your common favorite songs, etc.) that would constantly remind you of a person dear to you. Write real letters to each other (by mail). This is romantic, besides, in a letter you can say what you often do not dare to do in a personal meeting.
Give gifts. Simply, for no reason. Everyone loves pleasant surprises. Let you have a perfume that your loved one knows. When he hears a familiar aroma, the associations themselves will lead him to your image.
Take advantage of every meeting opportunity. Think about your loved one more often. People are endowed with the ability to feel a close soul on distance.
If doubts suddenly creep in about the future fate of the relationship, support your loved one.
Let the faith that you will overcome temporary separation do not leave you, and the expectation will be rewarded with a meeting.
Useful advice
Popular wisdom says that love is tested by distance. Take this phrase into service and prove that your feelings will pass this test perfectly and will be an example for other couples.

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