How to know the love of a loved one for yourself

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How to know the love of a loved one for yourself

Relationships between two loving people always involve a logical development. Of course, by mutual agreement, they develop in different ways, but how often do you want everything to be simple and clear, like twice two and, of course, live happily ever after. And just as strongly I do not want to make a mistake, to be disappointed in a loved one. What to do when doubts visit — does a man love? Is it worth paying attention to the inner voice — is it female intuition or increased anxiety, fear of making a mistake?
How to know the love of a loved one for yourself


Talk. The best way to find out each other’s intentions is to discuss, openly, all the nuances of your relationship together. And in general, talk more with each other about goals, values, opinions. This does not mean that you need to ask directly “Are you going to marry me?”, “Do you love me?”, because you can be answered what you want to hear. Just be interested in a person, his thoughts, conclusions, experience. Given the natural stinginess in the manifestation of emotions and words in some men, your suspicions may be unfounded.
Watch. If the relationship is not yet so open, frozen at one stage, or there are suspicions that the beloved is playing with you. Even if everything is fine, but curiosity just gnaws at you — does a man love. This does not mean to arrange surveillance, with detectives or suspiciously check all incoming calls and SMS. But you can detachedly observe the behavior of a loved one, his eyes, gestures, facial expressions, manner of talking with you. As psychologists say, if you see one thing, hear another, and feel the third with intuition, then you are being «cheated». It is this feeling of discord, misunderstanding, confusion in the soul of a woman that arises for a reason and causes uncontrollable outbursts of emotions. Perhaps, before intimacy with you, he shows an active interest, and after that he fades away, becomes cold, irritable. Although irritation can still be hidden, but an uninteresting look to the side, a closed pose (crossed on the chest or clasped hands), and even feet pointing towards the exit are perceptible and speak volumes.
Analyze. Throw away for a while all feelings, resentments, experiences, fears that obscure the mind. Imagine that you are as cold and rational as ever. Take courage and think about the following questions. How often does a man say he loves you? After all, men can say what a woman wants to hear. Does a man say why he loves you? You can fall in love with a smile, laughter, originality. But you can only love the whole partner — completely, with advantages and disadvantages. Does he show that kind of attitude towards you?
Think about how often you talk about plans for the future, or is this a closed topic? Initiate a conversation on this topic yourself, if the level of your relationship allows. Of course, it’s inappropriate to talk about this on the second day of dating, but if you’ve been together for more than a year, and the man refers to the fact that you need to take a closer look at each other and talk about it early, it’s worth considering.
Think about how often you fight. Of course, quarrels excite relationships, diversify emotions, and many would be bored without them. But, you see, hardly anyone will endure such a “roller coaster” all his life. Yes, and the reasons for quarrels can be different, either objective, such as a mismatch of views (which, after all, can be reduced to a common denominator), or biased — simple nit-picking about trifles, irritation over trifles.
Analyze how your partner experiences at least a short separation. Does a loved one get inspired by freedom, relaxation, fun without his half? Or he often calls you, worries about you, misses you and wants to meet you. And in general, how active is the man in your relationship?
And finally, think about what your loved one calls you. It is hard to imagine a loving couple without cute traditions of diminutive names. But, nevertheless, the frequent “zaya”, “fish”, “kitty” are rather impersonal, they can be called anyone, but calling each other by name, or an affectionate derivative of a name, lovers emphasize respect for each other’s personality, recognition of individuality each other.
Useful advice
Be honest with yourself. And never resort to dishonest methods, it undermines relationships and trust. Even if it turns out that the current relationship does not deserve anything good, maintain dignity and do not be humiliated. And even more so, you will do worse to yourself if it turns out that your suspicions are unjustified. As one aphorism says, “love, like crystal, cannot be tested for strength.”

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