How to learn to believe

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How to learn to believe

Faith is a very powerful word. You can believe in yourself, in the people around you, in God and in success. But many people do not believe in anything or anyone, and it cannot be said that they are happy.
Open yourself to the world and trust it, and faith will come to you


To believe in something or someone, you need to have it. Try to maintain your goals, plans and tasks, do not let them evaporate even in the most difficult periods of life. Keep your loved ones close to you, do not let them leave you, and do not leave them yourself. This is what a person lives for, and, having lost a dream or a person, there will be nothing to believe in.
Love yourself, believe in yourself, understand that you deserve what you want. Learn to be fair to yourself. You have the right to good people, to their love for you, to a favorable outcome of the situation and to the fact that your cherished desire will come true. Repeat to yourself: “I deserve it,” and do not persuade yourself, understand that it is so.
To learn to believe, you need to be able to trust. In fact, these close concepts have one difference: faith appears as a result of our life activity, our desires, it comes as a good sign indicating the right path. But to trust — you can learn by working on yourself daily, making attempts and overdoing yourself. To trust the world means to open your arms to it. And if at first it is not easy to do, then later you will be amazed at the fruits that will bloom on your trees. These will be the fruits of faith.
Feed the faith daily. Do something to get closer to what you believe in, don’t let things take their course. There is an expression: «Do not test faith.» So, you don’t need to test it for strength, because it can crumble at any moment if you don’t feed it with deeds and positive thoughts.
Often we do not know how to believe, because our consciousness is shackled by some kind of ossified judgments and beliefs. Open your mind and surrender to your inner voice. They are much more open and never stick to one thing. Thanks to this, you will be able to destroy these invisible walls, and you will see the world, people and yourself more beautiful, and at that moment faith in all this will return to you, just open the way for it to your heart.

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