How to learn to flirt

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How to learn to flirt

Any girl owns the art of coquetry to one degree or another. Coquetry is magic with which you can enchant a man, drive him crazy. A mysterious smile, a casual look and body movements can tell a man much more than ordinary words. But how to learn to flirt so that it is natural and does not look vulgar?
Coquetry.  How to master it?


Be confident, but not arrogant and arrogant. Such behavior is unlikely to create a positive impression of you. Shyness is also unlikely to be appropriate in this case. If you are not sure about some of your movements, eye expressions or smiles, then it is better to rehearse them first at home in front of a mirror.
Be natural. Too simulated movements, excessive affectation, excessive talkativeness will rather repel a man than lure him. Before you decide to flirt, evaluate yourself from the outside, what behavior suits you best? If you are calm and reasonable in life, then coaxing, giggling, lisping will obviously look funny and stupid. In this case, a slight smile, a mysterious look will be more successful.
You should not flirt with everyone, choose one man and flirt with him. If you pay attention to everyone in a row, you risk earning a not very good reputation. And as a result, you will be alone.
Listen carefully to the interlocutor. While communicating with him, you can even copy his head tilt, body position, or you can tilt your head to one side and lean your body forward a little — all these techniques will subconsciously let the other person know that you are interested in him, that you are interested in him.
Respect the personal space of your interlocutor. If you get too close to a young person or, for example, touch his hand, then this may cause a negative reaction on his part. Such behavior is acceptable, but not in the first minutes of dating. And then you should monitor the reaction of the man in order to correctly determine whether he will like it if you shorten the distance between you. Perhaps he will be the first to try to violate personal boundaries.
Radiate positivity and joy. It is unlikely that a young lady with a gloomy face will arouse interest in the opposite sex. But a sweet smile and a perky laugh will help you lure even the most severe representative of the strong half of humanity.

Tip 2: How to flirt properly

Coquetry is the most effective female tool of seduction. Over the years, ideal canons of coquetry have been developed, which, if followed, will certainly lead to the desired result.
How to flirt correctly

How to flirt correctly?

Real coquetry is always as natural as possible — flirtatious women are changeable, charming, promising, but at the same time they can lose interest, keep their fans at a distance and excite their hearts with smiles and languid glances.

Clever coquetry, which does not irritate a man with its inappropriateness, is by no means inherent in everyone. However, with a little effort, this skill can be mastered.

Do not forget about coquetry, having successfully married. Flirtatiousness is a great way to remind even the best husband that you are not easy prey.

No wonder they say that the best form of coquetry is its absence. Be as natural as possible. Chatter, lisping, cutesy grimaces terribly annoy even the most restrained men. But natural gestures, easy playfulness, on the contrary, look very attractive.

Assess yourself as honestly as possible. Cooing or cooing, combined with inappropriate appearance, causes ridicule. The same goes for flirtatious behavior that is inappropriate for your age. It’s hard to take seriously a thirty-year-old woman who pretends to be a sixteen-year-old high school student.

Do not play all at once. Concentrate all your efforts on one man, do not smile at everyone, this may deprive you of any attention.

Flirt but don’t play

If you have an idea to ruffle a man’s nerves (that is, be late, not come to a meeting, ignore calls and texts, show boredom in his society), you should not flirt. Of course, in this way you can inflame a man, but in the same way you can hurt his pride or humiliate him, otherwise he will go in search of another woman. So alternate periods of boredom and arrogance and tenderness and care. Just don’t make it too even.

Don’t be predictable, never answer directly. Operate with the concepts of «maybe», «probably», «I’ll think about it.» Uncertainty and slight anxiety contribute to a more careful attitude of a man towards you. In addition, this way he will appreciate those moments when you show tenderness and care.

Never bring a man to white heat with his inconstancy. This may not end well.

Keep in mind that men often use exactly the same arsenal of tools. After showering you with flowers, gifts and attention, a man may suddenly disappear. And then you will already be nervous, wait and go crazy with love and jealousy. At the right moment, a smart man will appear on your horizon with a new set of bouquets and gifts. And after that he will be able to twist ropes out of you and twirl you as he pleases.

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