How to learn to kiss properly

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How to learn to kiss properly

Kissing with a tomato or your own reflection in the mirror — many in their youth practiced this, wondering how to kiss properly, in fear of appearing inexperienced or doing something wrong. However, it is quite difficult to spoil your first kiss — it can be awkward, but always pleasant and memorable. A good kiss can make you dizzy, increase your blood pressure, or make your knees tremble — everyone’s first kiss is different. Many consider kissing to be more intimate than sex.
How to learn to kiss properly

A bit of «French» kissing theory

Gerard Lele, a French researcher in the field of sex, conditionally divided all kisses into several types. A calm, sincere kiss implies a silent, light and gentle touch of the lips. A strong passionate kiss — the same, but with more pressure. A “plucked” kiss is a gentle grabbing of the partner’s skin with the lips, it is he who is considered the most “useful” in finding the partner’s erogenous zones. Kiss sucked — intense, wet, with the tongue. Tickling kisses excite erogenous zones — lips and tongue seem to draw lines on the skin.


Something to Always Remember

The most important thing when kissing is not to be shy, although sometimes it is difficult to control yourself. However, even if your first kiss, fear and embarrassment only says that you are excited and in love, your partner will immediately feel it and help you relax — and for this it is not necessary to know how to kiss properly. It is better to create a romantic atmosphere for the first kiss, turn off the lights in the room or choose a place for a kiss somewhere on the street.


Don’t forget about your breath — bad breath can ruin your first kiss. It’s best to take care of this ahead of time and brush your teeth, but if that’s not an option, chewing gum or a mint is fine. If they are not at hand, drink something refreshing or eat an apple. Of course, before that, it is better not to eat any dishes with a pungent odor (onion and garlic, of course, too), because it is difficult to get rid of it within a few hours. Saliva can also ruin everything. Try to follow this. Lips should ideally be moist but not dry. If your lips are chapped, take care of it in advance — it is better to use special nourishing balms or hygienic lipstick.


During the kiss, try to relax — tight, tense lips can push your partner away, or he may think that you are uncomfortable. Do not freeze in one place, stroke your partner’s hair, back or shoulders, hug him. Don’t rush, but don’t delay either. Try different types of kisses. Men most often prefer «French» with the tongue, they are also passionate kisses.


How to prepare for the first kiss

Another question that often worries is whether your partner is ready for a kiss. There is no doubt about it — if you are comfortable together on a new romantic level, most likely, your partner is already burning with impatience. As a rule, the first step is made by a man, so be careful. A girl can let you know that she is ready — it is important not to miss these signs. If you feel positive vibes, it’s time to act. To defuse the situation, try to start by taking your partner by the hand — this does not violate the boundaries, but at the same time helps to overcome the constraint. Later, you can kiss your partner on the cheek and then move on to a kiss on the lips, if he himself did not have a desire to kiss.


When imagining your first kiss, replay the script as many times as you can in your head. In reality, everything will still be different, but your fantasies will help you mentally prepare and be less shy. If it seems to you that you do not know how to kiss, look at how people kiss — find photos, pictures, videos. So, to begin with, prepare for a kiss, taking into account all the previous recommendations, and then try to overcome the psychological barrier with a partner. Touch your lips with the tip of your tongue to your partner’s lips — this way he will understand that you are offering a French kiss. In such a kiss, the tongue, teeth, gums, and lips will be involved. The duration of the kiss can be very different, but it’s better not to drag it out too long — not everyone likes it. It is better to stop earlier — if your partner wants to continue, he will let you know and will determine the length of the kiss himself.


During a kiss, it is very important to observe the actions and reactions of your partner — he himself can let you know how to kiss correctly. Positive emotions, as well as negative ones, are always noticeable. Do not be afraid to experiment, because only practice and trial and error will help you find your perfect kissing technique. If the first time something went wrong, the next time will be much better. This applies to both you and your partner — the fact that you do not know how to kiss does not mean anything. Experiment with pressure, speed, let your partner decide for himself what he or she likes best. The passion of a kiss is not determined by technique, but by your emotions.


Avoidable Mistakes

The biggest mistake in kissing is selfishness. Never kiss for yourself, because you are not the only participant in this action. Think about your partner, about his feelings and desires. His behavior will tell you a lot, given this, you can find a compromise. Try different types of kisses — with and without tongue, gentle and passionate. Consider also the psychological aspects that will help you answer the question of how to kiss properly. For example, deep penetration of the tongue at the first kiss can repel a partner, while gentle and elusive kisses, on the contrary, attract. Not everyone will like kissing in public either, because it is difficult to create an intimate atmosphere surrounded by people.


Your partner’s short stature or braces are not a problem at all. In practice, everything turns out to be on the shoulder — it is important to try and train, and you will attract kisses yourself. And finally. A kiss on the lips is only a small part of all its possible variations. No need to get hung up, explore your partner’s erogenous zones. Also, don’t worry if your partner is the same sex as you, for example, kissing girls is considered more romantic arousing.

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