How to live your life better: listening to the advice of the sages

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They say, «To live life is not a field to cross.» Only in old age do many people understand what they did wrong, but it is no longer possible to turn back the clock and correct their mistakes. But this opportunity is available to young people who are thinking about how to live life better, what can be changed right now in order to become at least a little happier.

Enjoy every day

It would seem that hackneyed and hackneyed advice, but what a useful and relevant at all times! Unfortunately, only when something terrible happens in a person’s life, only when he realizes that tomorrow he may not wake up, he begins to appreciate every day he has lived, to enjoy the sun’s rays, birdsong, green grass near his house. In fact, life is wonderful. Let it sometimes present not the most pleasant surprises, but we have the opportunity to live, love, see relatives and friends, give warmth and receive it in return.

«Do not judge anyone, do not annoy anyone»

The famous Louise Hay raised the problem of criticism and condemnation in her books. She suggested imagining how wonderful and amazing a world would be in which no one condemns each other, and also does not condemn oneself for the slightest faults and blunders. We are not gods. When asked how to live correctly, the author replied that we have the right to make mistakes. After all, we come into the world only once and have no experience of past lives. We all learn for the first time, but how stupid it is to spend such a short time allocated to us on condemnation, squabbles, squabbles. What will we remember in old age? How did you argue with your neighbor all your life? After all, this is so petty from the standpoint of a lifetime, in which there is an incredible amount of beauty!

give love

It’s also like a truth known to everyone for a long time, but remember, when was the last time you hugged your parents? When did you tell them that you love them? We are also not in a hurry to give our affection to children, being afraid to spoil them, we educate them more and more. But in old age, people, as a rule, regret precisely this — that they paid little attention to those who are dear, did completely different things and forgot that our children no longer need anything but love. And this is confirmed by the experience of millions of families, where not wealth and financial situation are put in the foreground, but love, tenderness, care, understanding. Helpful tips from practical psychology include hugging your kids 7 times a day.

Don’t be afraid, do it

They say, «It’s better to do something and regret it, than not to do it and regret not having done it.» How to make yourself unhappy? More often to persuade yourself that «a tit in the hand is better than a crane in the sky.» We are all afraid of something — to change jobs, move to another city, give birth to another child. We hold on to our habits, «familiar» place, imaginary comfort and tranquility, and life goes on. Do not be afraid to try something new, to experiment, because it is never too late to start over. When the heroine of the film, based on real events related to the life of the famous freediving world champion Natalya Molchanova, was told that «her time is gone», she replied that «her time has come.» And Natalia came to this sport at the age of 40.

Help others

It would seem that advice is completely irrelevant in the era of consumption, when everyone strives only for their own pleasure and comfort, caring little for others. But it is help and support to those who need it that makes us truly happy. Not another trinket bought for a lot of money, but a grateful smile. This is what we will remember in old age, this is what we will take with us into eternity.


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