How to live your whole life with one person

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How to live your whole life with one person

Most children’s fairy tales end with the couple living happily ever after and dying on the same day. Hearing such tales from childhood, many of us would like to transfer this ideal scenario to our real life. life.
How to live your whole life with one person
You will need
  • Understanding, patience, optimism, calmness, humor.


Mutual understanding is the key to the success of a long-term relationship. You should always remember that your soul mate has the right to their own opinions, hobbies, thoughts and feelings. Trying to understand a person and accept him for who he is is very important. Do not remake a loved one for yourself, be able to critically look at yourself and your shortcomings, if possible, correct something in yourself.
Criticism is only constructive. And less. And kindly. In no case should you put pressure on a person or criticize him unreasonably. So long-term relationships can not be built. Who likes to constantly hear reproaches addressed to him?
Common interests and hobbies. Try to find as many points of contact with your spouse as possible. This does not mean that you need to give up your own hobbies, but the interests of the second half cannot be ignored. It is better to separate them or at least support your spouse in his hobby.
Common interests
Try to keep the warmth and love. Do not think that in 20-30 years your loved one will need kind, gentle words and kisses less. Perhaps, on the contrary, he will need them much more than in his younger years. Therefore, you should always show your feelings, at any convenient moment, try to show how much you love your spouse.
Love forever


Attempts to keep a loved one with the help of children and other forms of “blackmail” will never strengthen relationships, but rather destroy them.

Useful advice

Patience and a sense of humor will help resolve any conflict situation.

Attention, only TODAY!

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