How to love a cool

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How to love a cool

The idea of ​​a “tough guy” is different for all girls — it can be a bandit or a major. But these guys are united by the presence of a large amount of money (of course, not obtained by righteous labors), the habit of not denying themselves anything and getting what they want as if by magic. These guys are not used to hearing the word «no». It is extremely difficult to build relationships with such guys, but often girls intentionally strive to communicate with them, setting as their goal to plunge into the beautiful life that these guys live. So what’s it like to love a cool guy?
Relations with a major are solid parties

You will need

  • patience and adaptability


So, let’s conditionally divide the «cool» into «bandits» (guys somehow connected with the criminal world) and «majors» (children of rich parents — high-ranking officials, successful businessmen). Communication with both the first and the second can bring you material satisfaction — as a rule, such guys do not skimp on gifts, restaurants, vacations abroad. But also, you will undoubtedly face a number of difficulties.

You will have to get used to living “according to the rules”, once again not to open your mouth, not to ask about deeds and plans. The «bandit» can disappear and appear without explanation, you also need to be prepared for this. Family life with such a guy may work out, but dubious sources of income and occupation will not give you confidence in the future. In addition, think about whether you can calmly coexist with a person for whom acting illegally is the norm? Attempts to re-educate such a character in 99 cases out of 100 will end in failure. So the only thing you can do is adjust to him and his lifestyle.


First of all, you will have to correspond to him and his social circle. Relations with a major are countless parties, a sea of ​​​​alcohol, sometimes drugs. Family life with a major is unlikely to work out — such guys are most often infantile, not ready for any serious relationship, and also highly dependent on their parents. His parents will most likely accept you very coolly — for them you are another hunter for their fortune.

Therefore, before starting a relationship with a «tough guy» think three times — is the price of such a beautiful life too high?

As a rule, «tough guys» have extremely high self-esteem, consider themselves the center of the universe, so you can become a maximum free application to his priceless being.

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