How to love yourself: 4 tips from the field of psychology

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There is a lot of talk these days about the importance and necessity of self-love. Indeed, we know how to love our children, parents, friends and relatives, but we understand little what love for ourselves is, how it should be manifested and expressed. MedAboutMe provides 4 tips from psychology on how to love yourself.

Take care of your body

Many of us have big claims to our bodies. We seem to ourselves insufficiently slender, beautiful, proportionately folded. Some people don’t like their hair, and some women don’t like small breasts. Yes, today all this can be corrected, it is enough to turn to a plastic surgeon, but here is the paradox — people who have changed their appearance remain with their psychological problems, that is, they do not go anywhere. Therefore, before you go under the doctor’s scalpel, you should think about whether you will become happier with a new nose or ears?

It is better to throw all your strength into transformation, going in for sports, switching to proper nutrition. All sorts of cosmetic procedures — masks, peeling, diamond polishing, other anti-aging techniques can also contribute to taking care of yourself and your beauty, which will have a positive effect on your own self-esteem.

Don’t try to please others

Yes, our self-esteem and self-love largely depend on how others evaluate us and how they treat us. But it is impossible to please and please everyone. You will not be good for everyone, but you can become good for the most important person — yourself. Of course, this does not mean at all that you can spit on others and do whatever you want. This is a call not to dwell on someone else’s opinion, which may be biased. Let your own conscience be your main guide in life, the voice of which will not allow you to make a mistake.

Don’t be ashamed of your feelings and emotions

Don't be ashamed of your feelings and emotions

How can you love yourself? Self-love is the right to express your spiritual impulses. How often people suppress crying, irritation in themselves, accumulate resentment, and then go to the doctors and wonder why they have so many sores that are classified as “psychosomatics”. And all because they were not used to giving vent to feelings, they did not allow themselves to be themselves. But you are not a machine, but a person. You, too, can get tired, lose your temper, get annoyed at something. This is normal, and it’s also natural to deal with the effects of stress in ways you like. Someone is looking for a suitable hobby, someone goes in for sports, and someone just devotes one hour a day to himself, distracting himself from his problems and the problems of his loved ones.

Take charge of your life

How often do people complain that they cannot become happy and love themselves until the husband or wife changes their attitude towards them, until the parents stop reproaching or until they move, change jobs, etc. That is, they deliberately put themselves in the position of a victim, which is dependent on the actions of others. On the one hand, being a victim is very convenient, because the responsibility in this case lies with someone else, and not with you. Of course, it is quite difficult to fall in love with someone who is always to blame for something, but what if you try to change everything?

Take on this responsibility? You yourself will not notice how the attitude of others towards you will change, because now you are not a victim, you yourself decide how you should be and live. It is much easier to fall in love with such a self-confident person.


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