How to Maintain a Relationship

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How to Maintain a Relationship

In life, you are in contact with many people — from the closest relatives and friends to distant acquaintances and colleagues at work and various activities. For many people, maintaining good and harmonious relationships with others is a serious problem — and if you cannot get along with people, you need to change some things in yourself.
For many people, maintaining good and harmonious relationships with others is a serious problem.


Remember that in the process of interacting with other people, it is very important to watch your own language. Your speech is your main means of communication, and it must be appropriate. Do not talk badly about people, try not to discuss them behind their backs.
If possible, support people and help them — raise your level in their eyes. Do things that make people trust you. Also, treat with confidence what they tell you — this will increase your reputation in the eyes of other people.
Help people only when you can really help and they need support. If you can’t help, don’t stop the person from doing their own thing. Do not get personal in communication, do not provoke conflicts.
Be calmer and more grateful — and over time, others will begin to respond to you in the same way. Smile at your interlocutor — perhaps he is not used to such treatment, and he will be pleased, which means that he will distinguish you from the crowd of other people as a person with whom he is comfortable communicating.
If you promise something, keep the promise. Do not lie to people and do not promise what you obviously cannot deliver.
Be yourself — people feel fake, so don’t go out of your way to pretend to be someone you’re not. Discover your best qualities, learn not only to speak, but also to listen. Be cultured and polite — this stimulates reciprocal politeness in communication.
Do not cross the boundaries of personal contact — always keep a small distance with the interlocutor, this will allow him to feel safe and at the same time enjoy your communication with him. How people treat you starts with your relations to people — think about it and start improving your mutualrelations with those around you.

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