How to maintain family relationships

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How to maintain family relationships

Cheating is always associated with betrayal, neglect, humiliation. It seems that divorce is inevitable. The situation is critical, but there is still a way out. What to do, if relations are collapsing, and the reason for this is her husband’s betrayal? How to survive, save a family, protect children from mental trauma?
How to maintain family relationships


Do not rush to make a decision about divorce. Give yourself time to comprehend the situation, calm down, consult with loved ones. The decision you are about to make will change your life, relations, habits. You will have to live in completely new conditions, fight your thoughts and grievances, look for strength in yourself, learn to understand and believe. Tip: you can take a vacation and go to the seaside, to a village, to another city for a few days. Change the situation, think, retire, unwind.
Talk to your husband. In the first few days, a constructive conversation will not work. This is how the female psyche works. The defensive reaction of women in such a situation is an active psychological attack with a word. The conflict may drag on. Willingness to discuss will certainly arise over time, so do not ignore the previous tip. Tip: Cheating jokes will help improve your mood before talking. Read a few — and the soul will become more cheerful.
Don’t try to meet your mistress. Save your nerves. What does it matter who she is, what she looks like, what she does? She is not a rival if, after talking with your husband, you are convinced of the mutual intention to keep relations. The meeting will only make matters worse. A conflict will arise between women, which even time cannot extinguish. Tip: Adultery is a conflict between two people. The less people know about the details, the better.
Start changing. The desire to change is always present in a woman. Cheating is a reason to change hairstyles, hair color, makeup, even clothing style. You are new, not the same as yesterday, you have never been the same. This inner emotional component can work wonders. External changes are sure to be followed by internal ones: character, habits, behavior. To live in a new image, to match it — you should strive for this. Tip: If you wear glasses, replace them with contact lenses. You can choose colored lenses and thus emphasize the expressiveness of the look.
Pay special attention to sexual relationsm. Sex is perceived differently by a man and a woman. For a man, this is pleasure, and for a woman, intimacy. Try changing your approach and just enjoy the process. At the first stage, this is the only way out. And over time, feelings of closeness and emotional togetherness will return. Tip: Pay attention to sexual role-playing games. Maybe worth a try?
If you can’t cope on your own, contact a psychologist. If the feeling of hopelessness does not leave, your husband’s betrayal has taken away your self-confidence — the advice of a psychologist will help restore peace of mind. Feel free to seek qualified help.
Useful advice
Don’t despair and don’t give up. Act, try, experiment. There can be no perfect recipe for how to save a relationship after cheating. Each case is individual. You will definitely find your way.

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