How to make a man get off the couch

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How to make a man get off the couch

You are tired of struggling with the fact that your husband does not want to help you, and you are forced to wash, wash, beat carpets when he is peacefully resting on the sofa with a magazine in his hands. The most common mistake women make when they start a family life is the wrong behavior with a loved one. Positioning themselves as an independent person, the girls carry bags, move furniture, repair a drain barrel. A man just gives you the opportunity to be strong. Especially if he works and you don’t. He brought prey and can rest. And it will be much more difficult to change the situation in the future.
How to make a man get off the couch


The most important thing will be to change your attitude towards yourself. If you save on buying new boots for yourself, feel embarrassed that part of the family budget is spent on you, then the man will subconsciously strive to make you feel comfortable. And, believe me, you can, if not be left without boots, then get the cheapest ones. Do I need to say that your husband will not want to give gifts to you.
Do not put pressure on him, forcing him to help around the house. You just need to be a woman with the usual weaknesses so that a man can prove himself, feel necessary. For example, gently explain that you are not allowed to lift heavy things.
Praise a man more often for any work done so that he wants to hear praise from you again and again.
If you need something, say it casually, so that it sounds like a wish, not an order.
Be sure to tell him what will be the benefit for the man himself from this or that step taken. Let him think it over, and perhaps appropriate the idea for himself, but this is not so important, the main thing is that he will begin to act.
In order for him to start doing something for you, first surprise him yourself: with an unexpected gift, a joint trip to the cinema, seductive lingerie. Only then can we expect that your wishes will be heeded.

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