How to make a man respect you

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How to make a man respect you

Many women ask this rather difficult question. They are sure that the other half does not notice them, does not listen to the opinion. Yes, just do not respect! From all these thoughts, life loses all its colors, everything becomes gray and unnecessary. And women begin to look for a way out in this maze, splashing out all their indignation on people close to them. They try to restore justice, but it gets worse and worse.
How to make a man respect you


We need to stop throwing tantrums. No man can stand this for a long time, and it will not add respect. After all, you live with this person, which means you need to accept him as he is, you don’t need to force him to think like you. A man should feel how you love him, trust him, appreciate him. Trust is the most important value between a man and a woman.
No need to arrange interrogations about where he is with friends. He will tell you when he sees fit. There is no need to speak in an impolite tone about his parents, rather admire his mother, who raised her son so amazingly.
Try to wear your favorite robe and slippers as little as possible. It is better to do a light make-up, hairstyle, pick up a pretty dress for the arrival of your man. And also treat with understanding and respect for everything related to his work. After all, he is a man, a breadwinner!
Try to cook a couple of his favorite dishes for dinner. You will see for yourself what a loving look he will give you.
Watch football with him, you can even name a few players by their last names. This will greatly surprise your chosen one, but it will also raise you in his eyes. Also, don’t forget about boxing. Randomly ask if he has forgotten about the championship tournament (although before that you yourself will have to sit on the Internet).
Learn to find compromises, give in, but you don’t need to indulge in everything either. After all, you know your worth, and you need to keep your status. Then your significant other will begin to realize how lucky he is in life. What an amazing woman he got. And his main task in life is to keep this gift of fate nearby. And for this you need a woman to be happy.
Always remain a mystery to your man, never cease to amaze him. Stay the most desirable and beautiful for him. And then you will be the happiest couple.
If you need something from a person, speak directly, without evasions. If you were asked a specific question, then you need to provide a specific answer, without further ado. I hope you can make people respect you. But it’s better not to force them, but simply change yourself so that they themselves want to respect you. Rules for real men.
Useful advice
Make it a rule to express your feelings gently and calmly. It is not reasonable to accuse a man of not respecting you, while you have never told him about what exactly affects you. State your needs clearly. If a man deliberately ignores you, then be firm and make it clear that you will not tolerate such behavior. Of course, there are incorrigible men on whom it is simply a pity to waste time, effort and nerves. It is better to stay away from them. How to make a man respect himself.

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