How to make a romantic proposal

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How to make a romantic proposal

You have decided to propose to your chosen one your hand and heart. But how to do it? It must be remembered that the environment and the way you say these cherished words can affect the girl’s answer. This moment is one of the most exciting in the lives of both, so it should be filled with a positive solemn mood.
How to make a romantic proposal

You will need

  • Engagement ring


The surrounding interior and the prevailing atmosphere around you are one of the most important conditions that help create a mood. The place should be associated with pleasant memories that connect both of you. You can build on the character and temperament of your girlfriend: if she is a romantic young lady with a measured lifestyle, then a restaurant with calm music and VIP places with soundproofing will be appropriate. If a girl leads an active lifestyle, then this can be a joint parachute jump.
The next step is how do you do sentence. An interesting idea could be a confession in poetic form, read live on a well-known radio station. You can do the same sentence to the romantic music of invited musicians in the dimly lit restaurant hall.
The element of surprise is very important. Order a limousine, put the girl in the car, after blindfolding her. When you’re there, count to three and remove the blindfold so she can see a billboard asking «Will you marry me?» The marriage proposal must be special. Eighty percent of the girls who received sentence, complain that it was devoid of fiction and romance. Do not upset your chosen ones.
The crown of all action is the words spoken at this exciting moment. Avoid overbearing and ridiculous phrases such as «be my wife», «I want you to be my wife.» It is better to ask your future wife, but before that, say what she means to you. The girl must believe that you are the only one with whom her whole life will be connected.
Useful advice
— Go on a short trip to the city of Kungur (Perm Territory). There is a real pearl of the Urals — the Kungur Ice Cave. In this cave, which is almost 6 thousand meters long, there are 20 lakes with crystal clear water. An offer made in such a fabulous place will definitely not be rejected.

— Travel back in time. In the Leningrad region there is the city of Vyborg, which annually hosts the festival of the Middle Ages «Knight’s Castle» at the end of July. There you can try on the armor of a knight and historical costumes, after which, right in a medieval outfit, make an offer to the lady of the heart.

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