How to massage your husband

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How to massage your husband

To do husband massage, it is not necessary to have special knowledge. If you decide to please your beloved spouse, buy scented candles, oils and prepare two scented towels. When everything is ready, proceed to the most crucial moment.
How to massage your husband

You will need

  • — candles;
  • — oils;
  • — 2 towels;
  • — fantasy.


First of all, you need to prepare the room and create a relaxing environment. Massage is done in a cool room. Therefore, you will need to cool the room. In the warm season, an air conditioner or fan will come to your aid. If the weather is cold, open a window and ventilate the room. Light candles and arrange them around the room, dim or turn off the lights, prepare two large soft towels and invite your husband.
Start off massage better from the back. Roll one towel into a roll and place it under your head. Cover the lower part of the body with a second towel, apply a few drops of oil on the back and proceed with the process itself. First, warm up your back with light stroking movements, then you can use circular motions, pinching and patting. Use your fingers and the bottom of your hand. Doing massage back, don’t touch your neck. This zone contains many nerve endings, hitting which can be harmful to health.
After the back, move on to the legs. Move the towel to your back. Start massaging your feet from the bottom. Massage your fingers in a circular motion, then go to the calves and gradually move on. Don’t forget to use oil. Your movements should be from bottom to top. Clockwise circular movements, stroking and patting will do.
Now you can move on to the hands. Cover your back and legs with a towel. Start massaging your fingertips. You also need to do this in a circular motion. Then massage your hands. Gradually move towards the shoulders. Use stroking and pinching.
Massage of the abdomen requires professional training. You can stroke it or massage it with light circular motions in a clockwise direction.
Finally, you can do massage heads and faces. In this case, your movements should also be very gentle. Massage your forehead, then your temples, then run your fingertips from your chin to your ears.
Based on the basic movements, you can also bring in massage erotic elements. After the session, you can spend on the body with a soft feather or silk scarf. In this case, there are no restrictions. It all depends on your imagination.
Useful advice
For massage, use aromatic aphrodisiac oils of sage, jasmine, rose, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood.

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